Academic Degrees and Programs

Benedictine College offers over 50 undergraduate majors, two Master’s degree programs, and multiple pre-professional courses of study, all covering a wide range of academic interests and career paths.

Undergraduate Majors

Successful completion of required courses in the following programs qualifies the student for a bachelor’s degree in the associated field. Benedictine College offers Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees, depending on the academic discipline.


Graduate Programs

Benedictine College offers post-undergraduate Master’s programs in the areas of business and education.

Pre-Professional Programs

A pre-professional program is a course of study geared towards preparing the student for a particular career path after graduation. Students in pre-professional programs must still complete an undergraduate major, but no specific major is required for a given program. For example, a student in the Pre-Law program could choose to complete that program as a Political Science major or as a Philosophy major.

Opportunities for Academic Enrichment

Benedictine College offers a plethora of options for additional academic growth both within and outside the curriculum of degree programs.

Study Abroad

Students can take classes while experiencing the richness of world cultures through a number of Study Abroad programs, including our popular Florence Program.

Programs of Distinction

High-achieving scholars are encouraged to join one of Benedictine College’s many Programs of Distinction, including the Honors Program, STEM Fellows, the Freedom Fellows and more.


Many courses at Benedictine College incorporate Service-Learning components, which combine community service activities with structured reflection and assessment. Drawing upon experience gained through serving their community, students learn principles related to the particular course learning objectives. Service-learning courses are found in areas including Psychology, Theology, Exercise Science and more.

Great Books

The Great Books Program is an option for undergraduate students who are interested in taking courses in a more traditional Liberal Arts format that includes seminar-style classes. Great Books scholars are able to fulfill their general education requirements (which all students must take) through studying the foundational works of Western thought. The program is open to all students, regardless of major.