Master of Arts in Classical Leadership

This program provides emerging leaders in Catholic education with formation in the great works of the Western intellectual tradition, an essential understanding of classical liberal arts pedagogy and the practical wisdom necessary for successful school leadership. The flexible course delivery during the school year as well as the affordable tuition make this program unique and well-suited for educators who are working full-time. As part of Benedictine College’s vision for transforming culture in America, the Sheridan Center for Classical Studies offers this graduate degree in classical school leadership to support those engaged in the renewal of liberal arts education.

What Distinguishes Our Program


  • The course sequence equips emerging leaders with an authentic understanding of the human person, opportunities to immediately apply that understanding within the leader’s own study and instructional practice and important practical skills in school leadership, while also attending to each leader’s personal intellectual and moral formation. 


  • Courses are fully online during the school year with a blend of synchronous and asynchronous elements to provide flexibility for our students. Each summer includes a two-week intensive, in-person course hosted at Benedictine College. For this summer, the intensive course will take place from July 15-26, 2024.


  • The tuition rate for our program is $300 per credit hour, for a total tuition cost of $10,800 for our 36-credit hour degree requirements. For information on other costs, see our Tuition & Fees page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Your Program’s Vision of Classical Education

Our vision of classical education relies upon the rich Western intellectual tradition, which includes the most excellent contributions of the world’s many cultures as the “tools of learning” by which we form the human person in the intellectual and moral virtues. Through our program, we seek to pass on the rich tradition of paideia through the cultivation of a lively and inquisitive intellect by means of Socratic and seminar-style instruction and the cultivation of will in wonder and awe for the true, the good and the beautiful.  

Review our courses and degree requirements or contact us for more information.

Is this Program for Me?

This program is designed for full-time professionals with a passion for Catholic classical education who are seeking leadership roles at Catholic or classical schools.  

Emerging leaders in Catholic education who desire to deepen their understanding of classical, liberal arts education as they prepare to undertake leadership roles within the school community are strongly encouraged to apply.  

Similar to the ends of a liberal arts education, e.g., forming the intellect and will of the human person, this program provides students with an opportunity to study the great works of the Western intellectual tradition, to develop an understanding of the nature of education and the human person, to discover the richness of classical instructional methods and to acquire practical skills required for effective school leadership.  

If you’re still unsure about whether this is the program for you, please contact us to arrange a phone call, in-person meeting or virtual meeting.  

Will I Earn a School Leadership License by Completing this Program?

This program does not fulfill requirements for school leadership licensure in Kansas. However, there may be pathways to licensure if that is something you require. Please contact us to discuss your particular situation so that we can provide you with the best information regarding your options. 

Can I take individual courses?

Courses offered through the Sheridan Center for Classics Studies, i.e., courses with the designation “CLST”, are available to non-degree-seeking students at this time. Courses offered through the School of Education may not be available to non-degree-seeking students. If you are interested in a particular course, please contact us for more information.

Can I enroll in this program part-time?

Yes. You can enroll in this degree as a part-time student with the expectation that you would take one course (3 credit hours) per semester. You have 6 years from the start of your first semester to complete all the degree requirements. However, you may not be eligible for federal student loans if you are enrolled part-time.

Are courses offered online?

All courses during the school year are offered online with both synchronous (live, virtual meetings) and asynchronous components. Two of the required courses are offered only in-person at Benedictine College as summer institutes, i.e. two-week intensive courses in June or July.

When are applications due?

Students who wish to enroll with the cohort beginning this summer must apply by April 15.  Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.