Transfer Raven Days


Whether you have previously attended a four-year institution or a community college, transitioning to life as a student at Benedictine College is much easier than you think. 


Benedictine College offers transfer students the ability to transfer either in the spring or fall semester!  With over 100 transfer students each year, you will have the opportunity to succeed with other transfers from all over the country.  Recognized by "U.S. News World Report" as a top tier school in the Midwest for the 4th year in a row, and by the Cardinal Newman Society as one of the top 20 Catholic colleges in the U.S., you’ll know that your academics & faith life are a top priority at Benedictine College!


We invite you to come to one of our exciting Transfer Raven Days! While you are on campus, you will have the opportunity to:


  • Go on a walking tour of campus
  • Meet with an academic professor
  • Attend a class
  • Meet with the Office of Admission
  • Eat lunch in the Dining Hall
  • Attend daily Mass
  • Spend the night with current students




Mark your calendar to be able to attend one of these fun-filled days!


Transfer Raven Days will be held on the following days:


  • Friday, November 18
  • Friday, April 21


Please RSVP two weeks before the Transfer Raven Day by contacting the Campus Visit Coordinator, 800.467.5340.


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