Missions & Service

Mission Trips

Benedictine College Ministry offers service and evangelistic mission trips to a wide variety of locations, nationally and internationally, serving the materially and spiritually poor.

Belize Mission Trip

Travel to Central America to lead Confirmation Retreats and after-school soccer camps for under-privileged youth who need a role model. Held over Spring Break. Contact the Mission Trip Team for more information.

Simple House Mission Trip

Volunteers go into inner-Kansas City to experience authentic Catholic charity...solidarity with the materially and spiritually disadvantaged. Weekends throughout the year. Contact the Mission Trip Team for more information.

North Dakota Mission Trip

Each Spring Break a group of students travels the United States to build up the Kingdom and build houses. The students travel to a North Dakota Reservation to administer to both the physical and spiritual health of one of the poorest communities in the US. Contact the Mission Trip Team for more information.

Tanzania Mission Trip

Serve the materially poor with the African Benedictine Sisters at the convent, schools, and orphanages in Tanzania, Africa. Travel here in the summer. Contact the Mission Trip Team for more information.

Benedictine College Focus Summer Mission Trips

Travel each summer with Benedictine College-FOCUS on exciting and effective mission trips to places like Calcutta, Camino de Santiago, Lourdes, Toronto, Costa Rica, and Camp Wojtyla.   You will go with other college students from across the nation and assist groups like Blessed Mother Teresa's order in serving the poor, homeless, and hungry.  Contact BC's FOCUS Missionaries.

Summer Volunteer

Looking to give of your time this summer? Let us help you get connected with volunteer organizations for the summer. Look for presentations each spring semester. Contact the Service Team for more information.

Material Poverty

Can Do

These volunteers collect canned food on the second weekend of the month to benefit a local food pantry. Contact the Service Team for more information.

Christmas Giving Tree

Volunteers provide teens from Atchison with Christmas presents by answering “letters to Santa” found on the Café tree during December.   Drop your gift off at the College Ministry Office in the Student Union before Christmas Break. Contact the Service Team for more information.

Post-Grad Volunteers

The mission of these volunteers is to connect the seniors with social sector groups, including volunteer, mission, and educational organizations where they can volunteer for one or two years following graduation.  The volunteers gather information and make one or two presentations each spring semester. Contact the Service Team for more information.

Hunger Coalition

Offer up your Wednesday night meal for someone less fortunate through the Skip-A-Meal program. Deliver meals on weekends. “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” - Blessed Mother Teresa. Contact Benedictine College Hunger Coalition for more information.

Luggage for Belize

Our mission is to fill travel luggage with office and school supplies for missionaries to take to the Belize Mission. Missionaries usually travel in the spring and summer. Contact the Service Team for more information.

Social Justice Task Force

The mission of these volunteers is to educate the college community on the seven social teachings of the Catholic Church and challenge us to action. Contact the Chaplains Office for more information.

Soup Kitchen Thursdays

Sacrifice, serve, and share a meal with the hungry at a soup kitchen on the first and fourth Thursdays of each month. This is a great way to share in solidarity with the less fortunate. Contact the Service Team for more information.

Special Olympics

Scorekeepers, officials, and lunch servers are needed to serve young Olympians one or two days each spring semester. Contact Mary Flynn for more information.

Tutoring Program

Our mission is to help youth improve their academic standing by tutoring students at the Atchison Middle and Elementary Schools. Contact Dr. Coronado to get involved.

Blood Drives

Save a life...donate blood!  Blood Drives sponsored by the American Red Cross and the Atchison Community Blood Center are held each year at Benedictine.  The mission of volunteers includes scheduling the events, recruiting donors, helping with set-up and take-down, and serving as hospitality ministers during the event. Contact Service Team to get involved.

Social Justice Week

Each spring various organizations dedicated to advancing Christ's vision for humanity and the virtue of justice organize a social justice week.  Speakers present and events are held during a single week to promote Catholic social teaching and a more just society.  Training helps students implement their faith in all aspects of the public square.  Contact Dr. Coronado if your group would like to participate.

Food and Clothing Drives

Drives for food and clothing are typically held at the end of each semester by various clubs and organizations on campus.  Proceeds go toward helping the poor, sponsoring the local Catholic grade school, and vocations to the religious life. Contact the Service Team for more information.

Spiritual Poverty

Athlete Recovery

Peers connect with and encourage injured athletes through prayer, visits, calls, and/or email so athletes stay positive during recovery. Contact the Service Team for more information.

Bereavement Ministry

This ministry provides emotional and spiritual support to those who have experienced the loss of a loved one. Through prayer, visits, and/or a series of letters, volunteers connect with those who grieve to share the grieving process. Contact the Service Team for more information.

Boys and Girls Club

Boys and Girls Club is a place where children ages 6-18 can come and just be a kid. Volunteers help kids know there is a place for them to go and positive role models who care for them. For more information, contact the Atchison YMCA.

Faith Alliance Task Force

We bring people of different faiths together for mutual support and community through prayer services, discussion groups, and connectivity to local churches of all denominations.

Drama Ministry

These ministers use their artistic and theatrical skills to share the Gospel and express our Catholic faith through skits, plays and other dramatic venues. Members of the ministry are encouraged to write original skits and scripts. Every year this ministry writes and presents the Living Stations of the Cross during the season of Lent. Contact the Evangelization Team for more information.

International Student Outreach

The mission of volunteers is to welcome and assist international students by building relationships with them and accompanying them to events.  Contact the Evangelization Team for more information.

Mentor Program

Students volunteer to be a big sister or brother for a local teen through the "You Have a Friend" program at the Atchison Guidance Center.  Mentors are encouraged to do free or inexpensive activities with their youth for six hours each month. Contact 913.367.1593.

Nursing Home Volunteers

The mission of these volunteers is to assist residents at one of Atchison's several nursing homes by befriending and helping the residents. Contact the Service Team for more information.

Prison Ministry

Our mission is to care for adults in prisons and youth in detention centers.  We minister at the Atchison jail, the Atchison Juvenile Correctional Facility, and the Fort Leavenworth Disciplinary Barracks.

Rosary Ministry

Are you a crafty person? Do you like to make Rosaries?  People are always looking for homemade Rosaries. We make Rosaries for missions, prisons, campus, the troops, and other groups needing specially-made Rosaries.  Contact the Service Team for more information.

Retreats & Conferences


Benedictine Koinonia

Remember TEC, Kairos and Search?  Then take your retreat experience to the next level with BC Koinonia. Forty spots available. Hear testimonies from other students and find renewal.  Allow Christ to pick you up if you’ve fallen. Make Him your center once again. For more information, contact our Koinonia Team.

Fan Into Flame

Do you hunger for a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit? Have you ever wondered what Baptism in the Holy Spirit is all about? Come join St. Paul's Outreach in their spring retreat, which seeks to answer these questions. Over 100 Benedictine College students have experienced this amazing retreat so far, do not miss this opportunity to grow in your spiritual life. Contact an SPO Missionary for more information.

Kansas Catholic College Student Convention (KCCSC)

KCCSC brings Catholic students from all of the universities and colleges in the state together to grow in faith through the Mass, speakers, group discussion, and activities. The conference is typically held in February. Contact the Evangelization Team for more information.

Jam for the Lamb

Sign up to be part of the biggest student talent showcase of the year! Jam for the Lamb's purpose is to foster campus unity at Benedictine College by showcasing the multiple talents of students with different forms of music, creative acts, skits, and dances that demonstrate the talent each student has received from Jesus Christ, the Lamb.  Students are invited to submit proposals, which will then be selected by the Jam Student Advisory Council.  In the past, students have choreographed or performed original, popular, Christian & Christmas pieces. Contact Caroline Weis.