Admission Counselors

Adam Przybylski

Associate Director of Admission




Iowa, Kansas, New Mexico



I will never forget my first visit to Benedictine College’s campus. After spending the day walking around campus, meeting professors, and visiting with students I was completely hooked! I knew this was the college where I was meant to be. Benedictine College is an incredible institution that has allowed me to grow in so many ways I never thought were possible. I was able to develop lifelong friendships, expand my educational experience, and strengthen my faith. Benedictine has so much to offer, and I am grateful that I am representing one of the greatest colleges in America. I cannot wait to work with all of our future Ravens!


  • Hometown: Bloomington, IL
  • College: Benedictine College, 2016 graduate
  • Major: Journalism & Mass Communications
  • Campus Activities: Raven Orientation Camp, Student Ambassadors, Work-Study (Student Life Office Assistant), BC Koinonia, Youth Ministry Outreach



Kristy Kreitner

Associate Director of Admission




Missouri (except Kansas City), Illinois



Hi!  I am recent BC grad from the class of 2011, and I am so excited to be working in the Office of Admission!  After a long college search, I ended up at Benedictine where I made incredible friendships, traveled the world, and had the experience of a lifetime.  I loved the liberal arts education because I was able to study so many things that interest me while getting my degree in art.  Outside the classroom, I had so much fun on campus and around Atchison, was able to participate in programs I am passionate about, and found new facets of my faith life.  I can’t wait to tell you more about my experiences at the college I love and help you make a decision for the next adventure in your life!


  • Hometown: St.Louis, Mo.
  • College: Benedictine College, 2011 graduate
  • Major: Art
  • Campus Activities: Art Club, Spirit Squad (mascot), Discovery Day, Athletic Department Game Day Operations, Homeschool Art Group volunteer, Florence Study Abroad, Mission Trip to Belize, Pilgrimage to the Holy Land



Laddie DeGrand

Assistant Director of Admission




Kansas City, Atchison County, Arkansas, Oklahoma



Throughout my college career, I grew so much as a person and it’s truly because of the friendships, lessons, experiences and opportunities that Benedictine was able to offer me.   It was a blessing to have been able to attend a college that not just talks about, but shows you a community that cares for you personally and desires you to exceed to the highest possible level you can.  I can guarantee you that you are not going to get that passion at any other college or university.  I am beyond ecstatic that I might get to help you become a member of the Benedictine community.  


As a recent graduate, I can attest how scary and exciting new adventures can be.  Here at Benedictine College, we strive to help make the experience nothing but joyful and memorable for you.  We are honored to have such amazing students at our school.


  • Hometown: Rogers, AR
  • College: Benedictine College, 2014 graduate
  • Major: Mass Communications with a minor in Dance
  • Campus Activities: Raven Dance Team, Raven School of Dance Instructor, Intern for Special Assistant to the President for Special Events, Circuit Staff, Raven Yearbook Staff, Intramurals, Florence Study Abroad Program



Johnathan McGown

Assistant Director of Admission




Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, North Dakota, South Dakota



Hello! I am a recent graduate from the Class of 2014. I could not be more excited to be an Admission Counselor for one of America's best colleges! Benedictine was always the college I wanted to go to. Both my brother and sister went to Benedictine as well, and from the many times I visited them while I was in high school, I fell in love with the campus and the community. Since I have been a student at Benedictine, my life was never the same. From late night hangouts, to going to the soccer and football games, to studying abroad in Florence, Italy, doughnut runs, and becoming friends with one of the best groups of guys on campus.

Benedictine helped me to grow and experience so many abilities, skills, and opportunities I never thought I would be able to in my life. On top of the incredible friends and memories I made, the education I received at Benedictine is one of the things I will cherish the most, especially the chance to be able to study abroad in Florence. I love nothing more than telling my family, friends, and especially future Ravens about my time at Benedictine!

I hope you will come visit and get a taste of the amazing community that Benedictine has to offer and maybe one day become a part of the Benedictine Raven family!


  • Hometown: Lenexa, Kan.
  • College: Benedictine College, 2014 graduate
  • Major: Finance with a minor in Theology
  • Campus Activities: ROC Leader, FOCUS Bible Study, FOCUS Bible Study Leader, Intramurals, Work Study (Telecounselor), Florence Study-Abroad Program, BC Koinonia, March for Life



Anne Faucett

Director of International Admission and Services




International students


From the first visit on this campus, I knew Benedictine College was the place for me. I was given opportunities here that very few colleges can offer. Benedictine let me continue soccer, get a great education, study abroad in France, and prepared me for life after college. I even met my husband here and now we have made Atchison and Benedictine our home. I am blessed to be given the opportunity to work for the place I love. I hope to see you on campus and even more see you become a Raven!


  • Hometown/High School: Jefferson City, Mo. / Helias Interparish High School
  • College: Benedictine College, 2008 graduate
  • Major: French, Business
  • Campus Acitivites: Played Soccer 4 years, studied abroad in France for one semester, participated in Phonathon



Jon Krebsbach

Director of Transfer Enrollment



Transfers from the United States


Benedictine College has been a part of my family for over 30 years, with my mom and three of my aunts graduating as Ravens. As a recent alumnus, I love sharing stories about Benedictine to potential students and their families. Benedictine College gave me a wonderful education, awesome friendships and the opportunity to study in Ireland for a semester. The Benedictine community will embrace you no matter where you are from.

I hope you take the opportunity to visit campus and meet all the amazing people here at Benedictine College.  Your experience will help shape you for the rest of your life. Go Ravens!


  • High School/Hometown:  Hastings, Neb. / Saint Cecilia High School in Hastings, Neb.
  • College: Benedictine College, 2004 graduate
  • Major: Psychology



Karlie Dalton

Assistant Director of Admission



Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas



Hello! I am a recent grad from the class of 2015 and pumped to be a member of the Office of Admission! During my college search, I was being recruited to play volleyball. After many college visits, I decided I wanted to come to Benedictine, volleyball or no volleyball. Looking back on the four and a half years I spent attending school here I can honestly say it was the best decision I have ever made. I had the best college experience I could have ever imagined. I made life- long friends, played the sport I love, got an amazing education, but most importantly grew in my faith. Benedictine has so much to offer and I can’t wait to share my experiences with future Ravens! 


  • Hometown: Parker, Colorado
  • College: Benedictine College, 2015 graduate
  • Major: Theology, Minor in Business Administration
  • Campus Activities: Volleyball Team, Athletic Department Game Day Operations, FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students), Service Team (Ministry), Mission Trip to Puerto Rico.



Pauline Sullivan

Assistant Director of Admission



Colorado, Arizona, California, Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Washington, Nevada, Oregon, Montana, Utah, Wyoming



Hi! I recently graduated from Benedictine College in 2015 and I am thrilled to be back and working as an admission counselor. When I first began my college search, I was very interested in several different schools, and I made it a point to visit as many as I could. As a nervous high school student, I was unaware of what I wanted and intimidated by the idea of going off to college.


I visited Benedictine College on a dreary day in January, but the warm Benedictine hospitality made me feel right at home. It was so clear to me that I wanted to stay. I am happy to say that my hopes of what Benedictine would be were more than fulfilled! My time here as a student was unforgettable and crucial to becoming the person I wanted to be. The opportunities for personal growth were endless and I graduated not only with a degree, but with lifelong friends and a stronger faith.


For all of these reasons, I am so proud and so excited to help future ravens! This time of transition from high school to college can be overwhelming, but I cannot wait to be a part of their welcome to the Benedictine Family!


  • Hometown: Denver, CO
  • College: Benedictine College, 2015 Graduate
  • Major: Secondary Education and French
  • Campus Activities: Admission Office, Student Success Center French Tutor, FOCUS Bible Study