Admission Counselors

Leacadia Christensen

Assistant Director of Admission


Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Iowa


As a graduate of Benedictine College, I could not be happier to work at my Alma Mater. I transferred into Benedictine College my sophomore year, and it was easily one of the best decisions of my life. Benedictine is truly a life investment for me. It gave me an education that taught me to never stop learning. It is where I met lifelong friends who challenge me to grow and become a better woman every day. Most importantly, it fostered my faith and brought me closer to Christ—inside and outside of the classroom.

Benedictine College will always hold a special place in my heart. It is truly a gift to be able to say that I am part of the Raven Family because “once a Raven, always a Raven.”  I would love to see you visit our special home at Benedictine, and hopefully one day, you will have the gift of calling Benedictine College your Alma Mater, too.

  • Hometown: Viborg, South Dakota
  • College: Benedictine College, Class of 2017
  • Major: Theology
  • Campus Activities: Barista at Holy Grounds Coffee House, Mission Trips to Haiti, March for Life, The Lemkeys (A Cappella), Jazz Band, Concert Chorale, Raven Orientation Camp Leader, Intramurals

Will Burenheide

Assistant Director of Admission


Colorado, Nebraska, California, Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Washington, Nevada, Oregon, Montana, Utah, Wyoming


Hello! I am a recent graduate from the Class of 2017 and I am so excited to be working for my now Alma Mater!

On my first visit to Benedictine, I set foot on campus and knew this was the place I wanted to call home for the next four years (and now even more)! Over my four years I grew in countless ways. I grew in the classroom where I was challenged by my professors to excel not only in my schoolwork but also in my faith, friendships and as an individual. I grew in my leadership abilities where I was honored to hold many leadership positions working closely with Benedictine faculty and staff members. 

Benedictine is a place that I will always call home. I look forward to helping future Ravens call this place their new home as well.

  • Hometown: Falls City, Nebraska
  • College: Benedictine College, 2017 graduate
  • Major: Business Management
  • Campus Activities: Student Government, Resident Assistant, Student Ambassador, Raven Orientation Camp Leader, Intramural Champion, Track athlete for one year.

Alexa Crosier

Assistant Director of Admission

Alexa Crosier913.360.7470

Texas, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma


Hi! I’m so excited to be an Admission Counselor at one of America’s best Catholic colleges! My junior year I decided to transfer to Benedictine College, and I can honestly say it was the best decision I could have ever made. During my time here at BC, I was constantly challenged to grow not only academically, but also grow in my friendships and in my faith life as well. I was taken away by how amazing the community is here, and how much I felt at home as a transfer student beginning my junior year.

I love telling people about my experience here at Benedictine, and will always consider BC my home away from home. I hope you come visit Benedictine to see for yourself how wonderful this place truly is, and maybe even become part of the Raven family!

  • Hometown: Holland, PA
  • College: Benedictine College, Class of 2017
  • Major: Psychology, minor in Criminology
  • Campus Activities: Work Study (Psychology Dept.), FOCUS Bible Study, FOCUS Bible Study Leader, Intramurals, March for Life, Mission Trips to St. Lucia, Ireland, Trinidad & Tobago, and Peru

Monica Nelson

Assistant Director of Admission

Monica Nelson913.360.7577

Kansas City, Minnesota, Arizona, New Mexico


As a graduate from the class of 2018, I can attest to the great impact that a Benedictine College education has had on my life. This community has challenged me to become the best version of myself, all while deepening friendships and encouraging me to grow in my faith.

During my time at Benedictine College, I was a Raven Orientation Camp Leader as well a Student Ambassador. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to study abroad with the Benedictine College Florence Program which created lasting memories and friendships. Being an active member in the theatre department helped me gain leadership experiences and helped me discover my love of the arts. Through these programs, I have been able to grow in many different areas of my life. Benedictine College allows students to have a unique college experience, and I am excited to have the opportunity to share this community with you!

  • Hometown: Ham Lake, MN
  • College: Benedictine College, Class of 2018
  • Major: Theatre Arts, minors in Mass Communications/Journalism & Theology
  • Campus Activities: Raven Orientation Camp Leader, Student Ambassadors, Campus Ministry, Study Abroad Florence Campus, FOCUS Bible Study, Benedictine College Theatre Department.

Sam Smeltzer

Assistant Director of Admission

Samuel Smeltzer913.360.7468

Missouri (except for Kansas City), Illinois, Wisconsin


I am a brand new graduate from the Class of 2018 and I am so excited to be working at the place I called home for four years! Choosing Benedictine was one of the best decisions I ever made. During my time at Benedictine College I grew in knowledge, in my faith, and formed lasting friendships. The community that exists at Benedictine is welcoming and encouraging, and I can’t wait to welcome new students into the fold.

Benedictine College will always be like home to me. I can’t wait to share my experiences with incoming students and help them form experiences and memories of their own.

  • Hometown: Overland Park, Kansas
  • College: Benedictine College, Class of 2018
  • Major: Mass Communications and Journalism
  • Campus Activities: Raven Orientation Camp Leader, Reporter for the Circuit (Benedictine College Newspaper), Benedictine College Theatre

Megan Fassero

Megan Fassero

Homeschool Outreach Coordinator


Homeschool Students


On the way home from my first visit to the Benedictine College campus (February of my senior year of high school), I told my parents I could picture myself at Benedictine.  As I look back over the 20+ years since graduation, I recognize that my four years at Benedictine were extremely influential and I am so grateful.  I met my husband, formed lasting friendships, grew in my faith, and benefitted from the academic and personal formation I received from faculty, staff, and fellow students. 

Because my husband and I homeschooled our daughter from kindergarten through high school, I have a passion for connecting homeschool students and their families to my alma mater!  Benedictine’s mission of building a community of faith and scholarship makes it a great place to build upon the work that families are doing to prepare their students to pursue truth, grow in love for their faith, and glorify God in all things.  I invite you to come visit campus, and see if you can picture yourself at Benedictine.

  • Hometown/High School:Omaha, NE / Marian High School
  • College:Benedictine College, 1997 graduate
  • Major:French, History, and Theology
  • Campus Activities:Ravens Respect Life, Resident Assistant, Student Government, Student Orientation Leader, London International Business Trip, Semester Abroad in France, Intramurals, Mission Trips

Anne Faucett

Director of International Admission and Services



International students

From the first visit on this campus, I knew Benedictine College was the place for me. I was given opportunities here that very few colleges can offer. Benedictine let me continue soccer, get a great education, study abroad in France, and prepared me for life after college. I even met my husband here and now we have made Atchison and Benedictine our home. I am blessed to be given the opportunity to work for the place I love. I hope to see you on campus and even more see you become a Raven!

  • Hometown/High School: Jefferson City, Mo. / Helias Interparish High School
  • College: Benedictine College, 2008 graduate
  • Major: French, Business
  • Campus Activities: Played Soccer 4 years, studied abroad in France for one semester, participated in Phonathon

Jon Krebsbach

Director of Transfer Enrollment



Transfers from the United States

Benedictine College has been a part of my family for over 30 years, with my mom and three of my aunts graduating as Ravens. As a recent alumnus, I love sharing stories about Benedictine to potential students and their families. Benedictine College gave me a wonderful education, awesome friendships and the opportunity to study in Ireland for a semester. The Benedictine community will embrace you no matter where you are from.

I hope you take the opportunity to visit campus and meet all the amazing people here at Benedictine College.  Your experience will help shape you for the rest of your life. Go Ravens!

  • High School/Hometown:  Hastings, Neb. / Saint Cecilia High School in Hastings, Neb.
  • College: Benedictine College, 2004 graduate
  • Major: Psychology

Becca Caudle

Director of Admission



Hi! I am a grad from the Class of 2013 and I am so excited to be a member of the Office of Admission. After a VERY long college search, looking at upwards of 20 schools, and never getting “that feeling,” I visited Benedictine and it was the best decision I could have made. Looking back now I know that visit in late April of my senior year was the best visit I could have made.

Benedictine gave me the experience of a lifetime. I made the most incredible friends and created countless memories that I will carry with me forever. Aside from the incredible education I received, I was involved with many different things on campus from Residence Life, leading a Mission Trip to Belize, FOCUS Bible Studies, and countless seasons of intramurals.  My time at Benedictine has given me the opportunity to explore and try so many different things and jump outside my comfort zone to have incredible adventures.  I am so excited to share my experiences with future Ravens and help them fall in love with a place that I love so much!

I hope you will visit and experience the amazing community Benedictine has to offer and then potentially become a part of the Raven family!

  • College: Benedictine College, 2013 graduate
  • Major: Elementary Education
  • Hometown: Prairie Village, KS
  • Campus Activities: Resident Assistant, Raven Orientation Camp Leader, Student Ambassadors, Intramurals, Residence Life Intern, FOCUS bible study, Mission Trip to Belize