Financial Aid - Award Process

What's Next?

  • Endowment Scholarships – If you are awarded an endowment scholarship, you will be required to complete a Thank You letter to the donors of the endowment.
  • Scholarships from Outside Sources – Benedictine College must be notified of any/all scholarships from outside sources the student will be receiving.  Such scholarships may impact the types of loans the student may qualify for. Loans – If you intend to utilize loans (Federal Direct Student, PLUS, Alternative), counseling and completed applications are required
  • Loan Process Instructions
  • Payment Plans – Benedictine College has a Payment Plan program for your convenience
  • Financial Release Form – Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) requires a signed release form by the student authorizing Benedictine College to discuss student issues with parents.
  • Financial Responsibility Agreement – Master financial agreement between student and Benedictine College identifying the financial responsibilities of both the student and Benedictine College.
  • Financial Aid Policies & Procedures – Outline of financial aid guidelines (for your information)

In order for your financial aid to be complete, submit all required documents before July 1, 2017.


  • Endowed Scholarship Thank You Letter
    Please submit to Financial Aid Office – if applicable
  • Notification of Outside Scholarship(s)
    Please submit to Financial Aid Office
  • Signed award letter
    Please submit to Financial Aid Office
  • Entrance Counseling for Stafford Loans
    Benedictine College notified of completion automatically (email)
  • Loan applications (any/all)
    BC notified of completion automatically (email)
  • Financial Release Form
    Financial Responsibility Agreement
  • Financial Responsibility Agreement      


PLUS loans and alternative (private) loans must be reapplied for on a yearly basis.  We recommend that you start this process no earlier than June 1st due to credit check expiration parameters (90 days).


  • Federal Entrance Counseling
  • Perkins Entrance Counseling
  • Federal Direct Student Loan Application
  • PLUS Application
  • Alternative Loan Application


  • Permission for Release of Information
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Financial Responsibility Acknowledgement