Writing Center
Information for Instructors

The Writing Center wishes to provide you and your students various resources to supplement instruction. While we offer various resources for strengthening students’ writing skills, citing, and grammar tips, we also provide classroom visits and workshops.

If you would ever like a report of what your student worked on while at the Writing Center, you may ask your student to request a report be sent to you or you may email WritingCenter@Benedictine.edu, and we will provide the report to you within 48 business hours.

What can I expect with a workshop?

If there are assignments in your class that would benefit from additional peer reviews or one-on-one assistance from our consultants, we would be happy to work with you to develop those workshops.

Typically these workshops are offered outside of class time. We will try our best to schedule this workshop one-two nights before your due date.

During the workshops, writing consultants will create a presentation based on your assignment sheets and thoughts. After this 10-20 minute presentation, consultants will facilitate a peer review based on your assignment. After the peer review, students will have the option to revise their paper and work one-on-one with writing consultants.

What can I expect with a class presentation?

You can request a class presentation so students can learn more about the services we offer and what to expect. During this presentation, a writing consultant will come to your class and share a presentation about the Writing Center, our website, and services we offer. We can also tailor this presentation to discuss specific assignments in your class. 

How do I request a workshop or class presentation?

To request a workshop, please give us three+ weeks notice so we can work with you, prepare materials, and reserve a space. Please let us know the class you would like a workshop for, an assignment sheet/rubric for the assignment, the due date of the assignment, and any alterations or specific requests for the workshop.

To request a class presentation, please give us two+ weeks of dates/times/locations that would work best for you so that we can find a writing center consultant who can meet during this time.

To make these requests, please contact WritingCenter@Benedictine.edu. We will follow-up within 48 business hours. 

Potential Syllabus Blurb

Feel free to use the following blurb in your syllabus. 

The Writing Center’s mission is to educate and empower students to hone their writing skills and grow as  writers. They are here to assist students of any major, with any writing, at any stage of the writing process. At the Writing Center, while they will not edit assignments, they will help you develop strategies for your writing process, offer specialized workshops, and provide helpful resources so that students can best showcase their knowledge and talents. 

The Writing Center is located just outside of the Student Success Center. You can schedule drop-in appointments or one-on-one appointments. See Center Hours