Why Benedictine Engineering?

Our Mission

The mission of the Benedictine College Engineering Department is to provide multidisciplinary undergraduate engineering education built on an authentically Catholic liberal arts foundation. Graduates of the program will be professionals who are excellent problem solvers, commited to the highest ethical standards, and proficient communicators. They will understand the role of engineering as a profession and their duty, as engineers, to promote the common good of society.



Here you will learn to live and love Benedictine values in all areas of your life. The Benedictine College values — Jesus Christ, community, conversion of life, excellence through virtue, hospitality, prayer and work— are not just words here. They are a way of life.



Here you will learn the critical thinking skills necessary to focus on a problem deeply — and take so much more into account than just the matter at hand. You will learn this through a rigorous and comprehensive understanding of the sciences — and through our liberal arts curriculum, which helps you see the science as one part of a whole ordered to the good of men and women. 



Here you will gain the imagination to see how what you do can have an impact on products, customers, your business — and the world. That’s because our approach focuses on the competencies you need to do the job and hand, and the interpersonal skills you need to put that job in the context you — and your employer — need.


Through our unique partnership, the University of North Dakota grants ABET-accredited degrees in Chemical, Civil and Electrical Engineering to Benedictine College students. The students remain at Benedictine College for the entire program. Benedictine is ABET-accredited directly for a degree in Mechanical Engineering.