ABCs of Benedictine Engineering | Benedictine College

The ABCs of Benedictine Engineering

  • ABET certified. Your ABET-accredited degree will give you confidence in graduate school or work. ABET-accredited degrees are issued by Benedictine College for Mechanical, Chemical and Civil Engineering, and through our partner, University of North Dakota, for Electrical Engineering.
  • Benedictine Hospitality. Ravens are experts on community, and employers reward teambuilding skills.
  • Communication. Our liberal arts focus gives you in-demand communication skills.
  • Design. Intense design component and project-based learning across the curriculum.
  • Electives. Lots of exciting electives options.
  • Faith. Professors and students committed to an authentically Catholic college give you creative and ethical problem-solving skills.
  • Graduate With Two Degrees. Two bachelor's degrees (in less time) starts you ahead.
  • Help and Attention. Our faculty is known for personalized and in-depth training.
  • Interactive Education. Classes offer active learning and hands-on experience.
  • Jump-Start Your Career. A multi-state network of instructors, friends, and mentors to jump-start your career.
  • Knowledge and Wisdom. The latest technology and timeless truths teach you how to solve problems- and why.
  • Laboratories. Our extensive curriculum includes five to seven labs, giving students "hands-on" experience.