Degrees & Careers

The school of business offers five distinct majors. Students are given the opportunity to take courses in each area before needing to commit to one specific area for their major.



Your BA in Management degree will prepare you for management positions in any number of industries, both for profit and for non-profit. You will have learned how to manage operations and lead people, the two complementary skills of a successful manager. Built on the liberal arts foundation, you will be more ready to lead people and, consequently, achieve better results as you advance in your career.


A BA in Marketing will prepare you for any number of marketing positions, whether in a marketing firm or in a specific industry. From market research to marketing strategy, including insights into the expanding field of digital marketing and the use of social media in marketing, you will be prepared to immediately add value to your company or firm and advance in your career.


In the world of restricted access to capital and varied lending options, it is important that graduates be able to assess a variety of capital sources, and, whether employed or working at a lending institution such as a bank, be able to discern the risk portfolio of a potential borrower or business acquisition. Your BA in Finance will give you the tools necessary to advance your career in the relevant field of finance.


Our BA in Accounting is targeted at students who wish to practice accounting as a certified public accountant. The BA in Accounting is an important step in preparing students to become Certified Public Accountants. Students must eventually complete 150 credit hours and pass the CPA exam to if they wish to earn licensure. Many of our Benedictine College graduates earned their 150 total credits by the end of their four years of undergraduate study. Accounting majors work closely with their advisors to design a schedule that aligns with their academic journeys and career aspirations. The liberal arts components of your education will set you apart and prepare you to lead a team of accountants as you progress in your career toward partner or CFO.

International Business

Preparing to do business in the global community is essential for any business person. Whether as a seller, buyer, or employer, the ability and confidence to interact with, negotiate, affirm, and execute at a multi-national level is the target of our BA in International Business. The preparation and immersion requirement, regardless of the industry in which you choose to work, will accelerate your career.


Business Administration

Many non–business majors double up their learning with this minor. Beyond developing a technical competency in a specific major, long-term career success will often depend on one’s ability to manage a technical operation and lead technically-competent people. This minor hits the mark.


Open to all majors on campus, this minor is for those who envision starting their own enterprises to embody their innovative spirit and dreams. Concrete “how to’s” are the essence of this minor, topped with a strong dose of encouragement.


This is the most common partner to an Accounting major. With only a few additional courses in Finance required, accounting students can benefit from the prospective view offered in the growing field of finance.


This minor is most commonly the partner to a Finance major. The more in-depth study of accounting gives the Finance major a greater knowledge and appreciation of the discipline of accounting and a greater level of discernment in accounting and reporting matters.

Graduate Business Programs

Benedictine College offers a proven MBA program, taught by our seasoned professors.  All classes are hosted on our beautiful campus, here in Atchison.  We offer a four-plus-one or 5th-year track for undergraduate students to earn their MBA in one year after earning their undergraduate degree at Benedictine College.


The MBA program is hosted on the main campus and consists of 11 courses taught on weekday evenings. This allows students to work on or off campus during the day and attend courses at night. The program is structured to complete in two years, with courses offered in the fall and spring each of the two years. Admissions criteria include application completion and the required score on the GMAT. Learn More.

Four-plus-One or 5th-year Track

For those students excelling as undergraduate students, senior students can be approved to take graduate-level courses for both undergraduate and graduate credit. This allows selected students to achieve their MBA degree in one year instead of the planned two years. Learn more.