Student Billing

Welcome to the Benedictine College Student Billing Office!  We are responsible for student billing, oversight of payment plans, student loan refunds or overpayments, and collections of Perkins loan accounts once a student graduates or leaves school. Student Billing works closely with students and families to manage the students’ financial obligations as well as the college’s fiscal stewardship in a responsible and respectful manner.



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Student Billing Specialist

Diane Schletzbaum



Perkins & Receivables Collection

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Review the Benedictine College payment policies listed below, and privacy policies at Logging into your OASIS account confirms that you accept the policies.


Students attending Benedictine College are expected to make arrangements to meet their financial responsibilities by stated deadlines and prior to attending classes. If payment is being made with the assistance of financial aid, all documents must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible and aid should be secured by the tuition due date to avoid a Business Office Hold and late fees.

All balances MUST be paid in full or a payment plan set up and the $50 payment plan application fee paid by the following dates.  Login to the student’s OASIS account, and review the Estimated Tuition Worksheet located under the Financial Tab before the semester begins to see balance due. Further information is located in the Payment Options link on this page.


  • For Fall terms - August 1
  • For Spring terms- January 2
  • For Summer terms - May 15 (payment plans are not available)


Benedictine College reserves the right to assess the below stated late fees monthly on all unpaid balances as of the 25th of each month.  Students and responsible financial parties should review Account Statements by Term located under the Financial Tab using Student's OASIS login/password.



Unpaid Balance

Monthly Charge on 25th
 > or = $3,000$100 



The Benedictine Community asks for your attention to due dates and your prompt payment toward student accounts.


Benedictine College reserves the right to assess and add to the student's account monthly late charges, interest charges, administrative charges, collection costs, attorney fees and any other costs associated with or which accrue toward the collection of a student or payment plan account.  Delinquent accounts may also be referred to collection agencies chosen by Benedictine College and notification may also be given to credit bureau agencies.



All students attending Benedictine College are expected to make arrangements to meet their financial responsibilities by stated deadlines and prior to attending classes.


Benedictine College has partnered with peerTransfer in order to streamline the process of international payments. peerTransfer allows you to pay securely from any country and any bank, generally in your home currency.


By making your payment with peerTransfer you can:

  • Track your payments from start to finish
  • Save on bank fees and exchange rates
  • Contact their multilingual customer support team with any questions, day or night


Before you pay, you will need to use your OASIS account to check the amount owed for your semester payment. Then, go to: to begin the payment process. Follow the directions to select the method of payment (bank transfer, credit or debit card), and select the currency you will be using to pay your bill.