Communion and Liberation is an ecclesial movement whose purpose is the education to Christian maturity of its adherents and collaboration in the mission of the Church in all the spheres of contemporary life. The name Communion and Liberation synthesizes the conviction that the Christian event, lived in communion, is the foundation of the authentic liberation of man. Communion and Liberation is present today in about 70 countries throughout the world. Catholics, Christians, Jews, Muslims and people of good will are invited in friendship. There is no type of membership card, but only the free participation of persons.
Contact Fr. Meinrad Miller, OSB.



Join in weekly men's or women's small group FOCUS Bible studies, one-on-one mentorships, fellowship time, and leadership training. Started in 1998 at Benedictine College, the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) challenges students to live out chastity, sobriety, and excellence and equips students to live and defend their faith.  Missionaries at Benedictine strive to bring the truth and love of Jesus Christ to campus. Students of all faiths are welcome. For more information, please email our FOCUS missionaries.


“Therefore we intend to establish a school for the Lord's service. In drawing up its regulations, we hope to set down nothing harsh, nothing burdensome. The good of all concerned, however, may prompt us to a little strictness in order to amend faults and to safeguard love. Do not be daunted immediately by fear and run away from the road that leads to salvation. It is bound to be narrow at the outset.” – Rule of St. Benedict (Prologue 45-48)


A household is a group of students who live, pray, and work together. There are currently two men's and two women's households on Benedictine's campus that are led by St. Paul's Outreach missionaries. Contact our Benedictine College St. Paul's Outreach Missionaries for more information.



Saint Paul’s Outreach actively invites college students to a life of Christian discipleship. With Saint Paul as our example, we create vibrant, faith-filled environments that challenge students to deepen their relationships with Christ in the fullness of the Catholic Church. To learn more, see the SPO website.



This fraternal organization meets monthly and is open to all practicing Catholic men. The mission of members is to take a leadership role in a wide variety of ministries that serve both the Church and community. Most of the work is charitable. Those who belong give freely of their time to the Church and the community. For more information, contact the Knights of Columbus.



The Sisters of Mount St. Scholastica Monastery invite you to join other students as a prayer partner. Students, male and female, may sign up for this program in which they regularly meet with a sister, their prayer partner, and attend Mass, or Liturgy of the Hours, and a meal. Contact the Mount for more information.



Athletes join in fellowship to apply Scripture to their lives through study, fellowship, and accountability. An attitude open to the challenge of accountability, chastity, sobriety, and excellence is a must. Athletes will be called to live beyond reproach. Contact our Benedictine College Varsity Catholic missionaries for more information.