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The mission of the Benedictine College Ministry St. Martin Center is to form the students, faculty and staff of the college in the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the Catholic tradition of sacramental union, spiritual formation, scriptural literacy and social mission.



"Transform lives in Christ." - John 15:5
Benedictine College Ministry exists to transform lives in Christ through His Church, by living in community with the students and those affiliated with Benedictine College and guiding them on their journey of intellectual, personal, and spiritual formation.



Benedictine College Ministry aims to form men and women who are joyful in their vocation, leaders in their communities, competent in their profession, mature in their faith, virtuous in their decisions, and dedicated to serving the global human family by building a culture of life and civilization of love for the glory of God. Through the work of Benedictine College Ministry, the Catholic Church on campus, graduates will bring Christ and his Church's mission to all aspects of culture, especially the family, social, economic, religious, and new sectors of society. Ultimately, our goal is to help students experience eternal happiness with the Holy Trinity in heaven.



Saint Benedict of Norcia
480-547 - Solemnity: March 21

St. Benedict is the founder of Western, Christian Monasticism. During his life he founded 13 monasteries, the most famous at Monte Cassino. During his ministry, a raven saved his life numerous times. Benedict's main achievement was his "Rule," a document containing precepts for his monks. It has a unique spirit of balance, moderation and reasonableness which persuaded most religious communities founded throughout the Middle Ages to adopt it. As a result, the Rule of Benedict became one of the most influential religious rules in Western Christendom. Benedict was canonized by Pope Honorius III in 1220. Today there are more than 60,000 Benedictine saints.


Saint Scholastica of Norcia
480-543 - Solemnity: February 10


St. Scholastica is the twin sister of St. Benedict. She was the leader of a female community located five miles from Monte Cassino.  They followed the Rule of St. Benedict. Once a year, Scholastica and her brother would spend the day together worshipping and discussing sacred texts. One year, when the day came to a close, Benedict indicated he needed to leave despite Scholastica’s requests that he stay. When he refused her, she began to pray and a huge storm came, forcing Benedict to stay with her in conversation for the night. He returned to Monte Cassino the next day. The location of this meeting is called "The Meeting Place." Three days after their meeting, Scholastica died, and Benedict saw her soul fly to heaven in the form of a dove.



Abbot Innocent Wolf, OSB
St. Benedict's Abbey Founding Abbot

Prioress Mother Evangelista Kremmeter, OSB
Mount St. Scholastica Founding Prioress


1858, Benedictine priests and brothers begin college ministry
1924, Benedictine sisters begin college ministry
1933, Abbot Martin Veth consecrates altar stone currently in St. Martin’s Chapel
1951, St. Martin’s Chapel dedicated
1957, St. Benedict's Abbey Church completed
2008, St. Benedict's Abbey Church dedicated
2009, Mary's Grotto dedicated