Traditional Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The traditional MBA Program is designed for students who have just completed an undergraduate degree or who choose to pursue the MBA degree on a course-by-course basis.  Students in the traditional MBA Program will be able to take courses as they fit their individual schedule.  The student will be allowed up to six years to complete the program. 



The basic requirements for admission to the traditional MBA Program are:       


  • A Bachelor’s Degree in any major from an accredited institution.
  • An indication of the capability to perform graduate course work, based on a combination of undergraduate GPA and GMAT scores. (The formula for admission is: 250 times the undergraduate GPA plus the GMAT score must equal 1100.)
  • International students must have completed the TOEFL with a minimum score of 550.
  • Successful completion of undergraduate courses in the following subjects: Financial Accounting, Economics, Finance, Statistics


Applicants who have not completed the above courses will be required to do so prior to full admission to the program. The MBA Academic Director will advise applicants as to the courses needed and the opportunity to do so at BC. 


Students who are currently enrolled at Benedictine College and have successfully completed at least 96 credits may apply and be provisionally admitted to the program prior to their graduation, based upon a review of their academic progress to date.  Such students may enroll in up to 9 credit hours of graduate courses prior to their graduation. With approval of the Director, graduate courses may also be substituted for undergraduate courses in a student’s undergraduate program.  Students must complete the GMAT with a score that will permit admission to the MBA program as outlined above during the first semester of provisional admission in order to attain full admission to the program. 


Applications are accepted continuously. Every effort is made to ensure that qualified students are admitted for classes in the term of their choice. To be considered for the program, please submit:


  • Official copies of transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work
  • A completed application form, available in Adobe Acrobat (pdf.):  MBA Application available in Adobe Acrobat (pdf.):  MBA Application ) )))00}},
  • Official GMAT test scores
  • TOEFL test scores (if required) - If the official documents are not in English, you must submit both the original and a certified English translation. Transcripts from U.S. schools must be mailed to Benedictine College directly from the school.



Students are required to complete 33 credits of graduate course work in order to receive their MBA degree in business administration.

BA 510 Accounting Information for Management
BA 520 Managerial Economics
BA 551 Human Resource Management
BA 552 Leadership
BA 555 Business Practice & Corporate Social Responsibility
BA 559 Global Business
BA 560 Strategic Management

BA 567 Project Management/Information Technologies
BA 571 Business Law & Ethical Decision Making
BA 580 Marketing Strategy
BA 590 Financial Management



Students who have been admitted to the Traditional MBA program will NOT be permitted to transfer to the Executive MBA Program at Benedictine College. Students admitted to the Executive MBA program at Benedictine College may apply for transfer to the Traditional MBA Program. Approval of transfer will be determined by the Director of the Graduate Business Programs, taking into consideration whether the applicant has completed an undergraduate degree, the undergraduate GPA, the need for the GMAT test scores, performance in the Executive MBA and other relevant factors.  


  • Dr John Bunch, Corporate Social Responsibility, Human Resource Management
  • Roland Dessert, Project Management
  • Dave Geenens, Leadership
  • Dr Jan Hansen, Strategic Management
  • Dr David Harris, Managerial Economics
  • Clay Johnston, Marketing Strategies
  • Mike King, Financial Management
  • Abe Shafer, J.D.,  Business Law
  • XX, Global Strategies




Donna Bonnel
Administrative Specialist
Graduate Programs