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Philosophy - Prospective Students

“In Greek the word philosophy means love of wisdom. There are people for whom philosophy is a means of misleading others.  But the only thing that pleased me was to love wisdom itself, whatever it might be, and to search for it, pursue it, hold it, and embrace it firmly.”

~ St. Augustine, Confessions

Augustine wrote these words many centuries ago, but the study of philosophy remains essentially the same: it is a quest for wisdom about the natural world, man, and God.  Philosophical studies have always been part of a liberal arts education, and philosophy has been an integral part of Catholic higher education since the first universities were founded in the 12th century.  At Benedictine College, each student, in some way, is able to join this great tradition and become a “lover of wisdom.” 

Philosophy and the General Education Requirement at Benedictine

The philosophy department’s most frequently offered classes help all students gain insight into the natural world and our place in it.

Philosophy and the Catholic Faith at Benedictine College

The Catholic faith has always encouraged and supported the study of philosophy, and the members of the philosophy department have found that our faith guides us in many ways.

Philosophy Major Requirements

Required courses for a major, co-major, or minor in philosophy

Honors Students in Philosophy

Students in Benedictine’s honors program take a special track to fulfill their philosophy requirements.

Great Books in the Philosophy Department

Most philosophy courses involve the reading of original texts; a three semester sequence is taught in the seminar style .

Preparation for Seminary

Our philosophy courses exactly match those required by the Program of Priestly Formation.

"All men by nature desire to know" ~ Aristotle