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Benedictine College Instrumental Ensembles aim to promote the highest artistic achievements through a variety of performances, creating positive musical experiences for our student musicians and our patrons. We will help foster a faith-based environment that addresses the needs of our future performers, educators, and scholars with a commitment to the growth of each individual as an artist and scholar.

The Instrumental Ensembles strive to become a cultural destination for the college and its surrounding community by maintaining a welcoming environment for students across campus and the community at large, expanding its outreach at the community, state, national, and international levels.

The Music Department offers a wide array of instrumental ensembles: Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, College/Community Orchestra, Jazz Band, Drum Corps, Brass Ensemble and chamber ensembles. These ensembles are open to all students regardless of major.

Incoming students in Orchestra and Symphonic Band are invited to apply for a music participation award. For award audition information, or questions concerning instrumental ensembles, please contact Ted Hanman at (913) 360-7996 or at this email.

Learn more about the Music Department’s auditions and scholarships.

Wind Ensemble

The Benedictine College Wind Ensemble has recently been formed to include the finest wind and percussion players on campus. Membership, based on audition, is open to the entire student body regardless of major field of study.

Symphonic Band

The Symphonic Band performs one to two concerts each semester, and participation is welcomed from all students, regardless of major. Although no audition is required for membership in this ensemble, a reasonable level of proficiency (including sight-reading ability) is considered a prerequisite for continued participation. This ensemble is designed to advance the growth of the students' overall musicianship and to promote a lifelong love and respect of music. Each year members participate in the Conducting Practicum, featuring instrumental conducting students as clinicians.


The Benedictine College/Atchison Community Orchestra is composed of students, faculty and local musicians. The Orchestra is open to all college string players and to brass and woodwind players by audition. It rehearses Thursday evenings and performs standard suites, overtures, symphonies, and other orchestral compositions.

Jazz Band and Jazz Combo

The Benedictine College jazz program consists of the Jazz Band and student-directed jazz combos. These ensembles are made up of students of all majors and they are appointed from the symphonic band. Members have performed on tour in the Caribbean on several occasions and received outstanding commendations at Kansas City’s premier 18th and Vine Jazz Festival.

Brass Ensemble

This ensemble combines outstanding musicians from the local area and students on campus. They perform at a variety of events included community events, college concerts and opening ceremonies. This is open to all students by audition only.

Drum Corps

Drum Corps is a marching percussion ensemble which provides opportunities for students to perform for a variety of events including football half time, basketball halftime, opening ceremonies and business events. It is open to all students by audition only.

Marching Band and Pep Bands

The Athletic Department supports the Raven Regiment – the college’s new co-curricular Marching Band – and other pep bands that draw students for all academic departments.

About the Marching Band