Art and Design Faculty

The Department of Art & Design at Benedictine College is composed entirely of faculty who have achieved a terminal degree in their field of expertise. Many are also trained in cross-disciplinary pursuits, and all of them are excited to be teaching Ravens.

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Bryan Park

Associate Professor and Department Chair

MFA - Metalsmithing, University of Kansas, 2008

Research/Studio Interests
Observational astronomy, cartography, the relationship between identity and place, installation art and ritual, the relationship between physical objects and faith in practice, site-specific functional artwork

Charles Stewart

Associate Professor

PHD - History of Art, Indiana University, 2008

Research/Studio Interests
Fine Arts, Classical & Medieval Art, Sacred Architecture, Archaeology (North Africa, Central Asia, and Europe), Liturgical Art, Catholic Intellectual Tradition, History of Technology, Aesthetics, Semiotics, Contextualism, Modernism, Pop Art, and Ekphrasis.

Jay Wallace

Associate Professor

MFA - Printmaking, University of South Dakota, 2013

Research/Studio Interests
Merging digital/mixed media with traditional intaglio methods; layering prints with digital transfers, serigraphy, photogravure, and oil painting; hand bound books

Sue Leo

Assistant Professor 

M.F.A. - Computer Graphics Design, Rochester Institute of Technology

B.F.A. - Environmental Design, Rochester Institute of Technology

Christa Kagin

Adjunct Associate Professor

MAET-ATR - Art Therapy, University of Louisville, 1999

Research/Studio Interests
Creativity and the Neurobiological Science of aesthetics; Art’s use for social change; Color psychology: Implications in aesthetics, expression and art criticism; Creativity’s role in education, the STEAM movement and development of curricular advancements for success, retention, and problem solving.

Kyle Goddard


MFA – Drawing/Painting, University of Kansas, 2017

Research/Studio Interests
Modern and Post-Modern art histories. Exploring the visual interactions of forms, mark-making, and composition through drawing and painting. Preferred mediums include charcoal, graphite, beeswax, and various painting media.

Gary Rittermeyer


MFA - Photography, Brooks Institute, 2013

​​Research/Studio Interests
Fine art and conceptual photography that contains myriad possibilities, but leaves it to the viewer to participate and complete the experience.

Chris Lowrance

Chris LowranceAdjunct Instructor

MFA - Painting, Indiana University, 2001

Research/Studio Interests
Large scale portrait and narrative painting; cognitive and emotional reactions of an individual to the observed experiences of another; anatomy for artists; preferred media include oil, graphite, charcoal and paste

Nicole Woodard

Adjunct Instructor

​​Research/Studio Interests
Figurative sculpture, ink drawing, mark making, and portraits. Exploring themes in identity, conscious and unconscious being, and​trauma.