Art & Architecture Faculty

The Department of Art & Architecture at Benedictine College is composed entirely of faculty who have achieved a terminal degree in their field of expertise. Many are also trained in cross-disciplinary pursuits, and all of them are excited to be teaching Ravens.

Bryan Park, Assistant Professor and Department Chair

MFA - Metalsmithing

University of Kansas, 2008

Research/Studio Interests

Observational astronomy, cartography, the relationship between identity and place, installation art and ritual, the relationship between physical objects and faith in practice, site-specific functional artwork

Carlos Lameiro, Associate Professor

PhD - Architecture

Technical University of Lisbon, 1995

Research/Studio Interests

Traditional and state of the art tools used in design; cultural, site and tectonic impacts in architecture; the dialectics between public space and private space; how standard and affordable production processes can undertake issues regarding users’ diversity; the role of design: how can built environment contribute to well-being and happiness.

John Haigh, Assistant Professor

M.Arch - Architecture

University of Notre Dame, 2004

Research/Studio Interests

Motivating questions: Can Michelangelo’s quotation “the limbs of architecture are derived from the limbs of man” find application in any way to our epoch? What is the challenge of realizing Goethe’s quotation “architecture is frozen music”? In what manner and where can we identify “home” on earth as created, dependent, spiritual beings?

Jay Wallace, Assistant Professor

MFA - Printmaking

University of South Dakota, 2013

Research/Studio Interests

Merging digital/mixed media with traditional intaglio methods; layering prints with digital transfers, serigraphy, photogravure, and oil painting; hand bound books

Louis Reilly, Adjunct Instructor

MFA - Ceramics

Utah State University, 2013

Research/Studio Interests

Functional pottery with an emphasis on form and craftsmanship.  The 20,000 year-long history of ceramics.

Gary Rittermeyer, Adjunct Instructor

MFA - Photography

Brooks Institute, 2013

​​Research/Studio Interests

Fine art and conceptual photography that contains myriad possibilities, but leaves it to the viewer to participate and complete the experience.