Art Education

Bachelor of Arts, Department of Art

Professor Bryan Park assists a student in pouring molten metal into a mold

Department Overview

The objectives of the department are to explore the nature and function of art and to become proficient in this special field of communication to a practical end: to become a practicing artist; to teach art in grades PreK–12; to enter the commercial fields of advertising, graphic design, or photography; to continue with graduate study in studio art or art therapy; or to go into museum work.

Degree Objectives

Coursework serves to develop students’ aesthetic, conceptual, and technical abilities while exploring the creative aspect of the human spirit.

Related Careers

  • Employment of high school teachers is projected to grow 8 percent from 2016 to 2026, about as fast as average for all occupations. Rising student enrollment should increase demand for high school teachers, but employment growth will vary by region.*
  • The median annual wage for high school teachers was $58,030 in May 2016.*

* Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, High School Teachers, on the Internet here.


Christa Kagin, MAET-ATR
Associate Professor and Chair
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Bishop Fink Hall

  • John Haigh, M.Arch
    Assistant Professor
  • Christa Kagin, MAET-ATR
    Associate Professor & Department Chair
  • Carlos Lameiro, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor
  • Bryan Park, MFA
    Assistant Professor
  • Louis Reilly, MFA
    Adjunct Instructor
  • Gary Rittermeyer, MFA
    Adjunct Instructor
  • Jay Wallace, MFA
    Assistant Professor

Freshman Year 

ENGL-1010English Composition3
THEO-1100Introduction to Theology3
GNST-1000BC Experience1
EDUC-2200Intro to Education2
EDUC-2201Intro to Education Research & Field Exp.1
ART-1000Drawing I3
Foreign Language4
ART-1010Foundations of 2-D Design3
ART-1030Foundations of 3-D Design3
Foreign Language4
PHIL-1750Principles of Nature3
ART-2110Painting I3
ART-2200Sculpture I3
EXSCFitness Course1
EXSC-1115Wellness for Life1

Sophomore Year

Person and Community Foundation3
EDUC-2222Psychology of Individuals with Except.3
Art Studio (Printmaking)3
ART-2800Basic Photography3
Art History3
SOCI-2300World Regional Geography3
Natural World Foundation w/ lab4
Faith Foundation3
Art Studios (Ceramics)6
EDUC-2220Psycoed Development3
HIST-1100/01World Civilization3

Junior Year

Philosophical Inquiry Foundation3
Art History3
Art Studio (Graphic Design)3
ART-4457Methods of Teaching Art2
EDUC-3313School as Community4
Field Experience1
EDUC-3332Reading in the Content Area3
ART-3900Junior Seminar3
Art Studios6
EDUC-3357/58General Secondary Methods4

Senior Year

Twentieth Century Art History3
Art Studio3
MATH-2110Applied Statistics4
ART-4900Professional Practices2
EDUC-4451Philosophy of Education3
EDUC-3312School as a Community3
EDUC-4455Differentiated Instruction3
EDUC-4462Classroom Management2
EDUC-4470Student Teaching Seminar1
EDUC-4492Supervised Student Teaching5
EDUC-4496Supervised Student Teaching5
EDUC-COMPSenior Comprehensivecr
EDUC-CNTXCont. Area, Exam, Praxis IIcr
EDUC-PLTXPLT Licen Exam, Praxis IIcr
ART-4901Senior Exhibition Seminar1
ARTPortfolio Reviewcr

Other Department Offerings:

  • Bachelor of Arts with Art Therapy Specialization
  • Major or Minor in Art
  • Bachelor of Arts in Architecture

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