Faculty/Staff Directory

Name Phone Department Location  
Adams, Wanda 913.360.7610 Library Library Contact
Adrian, RN, Janet 913.360.7117 Health Services, Student Life 1201 N. 2nd Street Contact
Allen, Landon 913.360.7940 IT, Operations M Street Contact
Almquist, Dr. Travis 913.360.7436 Biology Westerman Hall Contact
Andrews, Tim 913.360.7363 Advancement St. Benedict Hall Contact
Asher, Robert 913.360.7785 IT M Street Contact
Asher, Mary 913.360.7424 Academics St. Benedict Hall Contact
Baird, Dr. Scott R. 913.360.7527 Physics, Astronomy & Engineering Westerman Hall Contact
Baker, Carole 913.360.7421 Housekeeping, Operations M Street Contact
Barber OSB, Susan 913.360.7347 Music Bishop Fink Contact
Bartlett, Abby 913.360.7438 Business Office St. Benedict Hall Contact
Battin, Sheila 913.360.7510 Library Library Contact
Bauer, Sean 913.360.7334 Engineering Westerman Hall Contact
Bauer, Gina 913.360.7611 Mission & Ministry Student Union Contact
Beckenbaugh, Terry History St. Benedict Hall Contact
Beeman, Michael "Doc" 913-360-7376 Athletics Student Union Contact
Bell, Amanda 913.360.7545 Student Life Student Union Contact
Bennett, Richard 913.360.7464 Marketing and Communications St. Benedict Hall Contact
Bennett, Janie 913.360.7389 Education Ferrell Academic Center Contact
Berry, Ledeen 913.360.7406 Business Office St. Benedict Hall Contact
Bieberly, Elaine 913.360.7433 Mass Communications Cray-Seaberg Hall Contact
Blaustein, Ph. D., Dr. Gail 913.360.7515 Chemistry & Biochemistry Westerman Hall Contact
Blosser, Dr. Jamie 913.360.7920 Theology Ferrell Academic Center Contact
Boldridge, Steven 913.360.7590 IT M Street Contact
Bonnel, Donna 913.360.7426 EMBA, Graduate Business Programs, Graduate Programs, MASL, School of Business Bishop Fink Contact