Journey with Dante: Summer High School Study Abroad Program Travel with Benedictine College to Italy: Rome, Florence, Assisi, Venice and More

Dates: June 9 - 29, 2024

Journey with Dante is a program offered by Benedictine College in association with World Bound Learning Projects LLC. It is designed to provide high school students with an experience of the college's commitment to community, faith, and scholarship.

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About the Journey

Benedictine College's Journey with Dante program is designed to provide high school students with an experience of our commitment to community, faith, and scholarship.

Rising juniors, rising seniors, and graduating seniors earn three hours of college credit while studying and traveling for from June 9 to 29, 2024 with Benedictine College professor Dr. Richard White

“Journey with Dante” serves as the theme for the program. The author of Inferno, Dante is considered to be one of the greatest poets of world literature. Students will study the medieval time period, walk in Dante’s footsteps, view medieval and renaissance art with themes taken from his Divine Comedy, and make historical, theological, philosophical, and literary connections while experiencing Rome, Florence, Venice, and other significant sites in Italy.


“The Journey with Dante program through Benedictine College is truly life changing. On this trip, I grew in my education, had experiences I will never forget, and made friendships that will last a lifetime. This program has made me a better person, and allowed me to deepen my relationship with Christ. I am so grateful to Benedictine College for this amazing experience!”

“I believe that this trip truly was a once in a lifetime trip. The people who were on this trip made the experience memorable and I could've have imagined it happening any other way. Getting to experience Italy while also reading the works of one of Italy's most famous writers was an incredible experience that cannot be topped. I learned so many things from the many places we visited that I could not have learned half as well from a website on Google. There's something about getting to see the places and learning about the people Dante wrote about in the Divine Comedy made the class more meaningful and an amazing class.”

“There are some things that you learn more about from experience than you do from the classroom. We didn't just read the Divine Comedy. We were guided, like Dante, through his life, to the places he lived and experiences that inspired what we know today as one of his greatest works.”

“From the moment I stepped foot on the other side of the world, I have felt my confidence growing stronger every day.”

“I discovered a new part of me.”