Technology and Information Services assigns IDs and passwords to each student for access to the network, student records, and email.  TIS fully supports the applications that students need to complete any academic assignments. Network access is available in all Benedictine College dormitories and campus houses.   Dormitory residents must use an ethernet cable to access the network from their rooms.

TIS has enabled wireless access in the lounge area in each dormitory.  Students may not install or operate any wireless router anywhere on campus. Applications that require high network capacity, such as P2P, are prohibited.  Otherwise, there is no restriction on internet access.


TIS assigns priority to academic technology to ensure computer labs and classrooms are operational at all times.  TIS will provide technical advice and support for students’ PCs on a “time-available” basis. Call the Help Desk at 913-360-7777 or email us at  if you have any problems or questions.