Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention

Letter from the Vice President of Student Life

Like many colleges across the country, Benedictine College is not immune to the problem of excessive alcohol consumption by students. I hope all students, faculty, and staff will do their part to make our college community safe and healthy, in part by using the resources presented on this site.

Here you can find out about the excellent resources available at Benedictine College to help you, your friends, or loved ones with information related to alcohol or other drugs. Students also can call the Student Health Center at 913-360-7117 to take advantage of the assistance that is available. If needed, the Student Life Office is also available to assist by calling 913-360-7500.

I ask all students to please act responsibly and within the law, including the law that prohibits underage drinking. Respect those who do not want to drink alcohol and don't make drinking the primary focus of any of your activities. If you are of legal age and do choose to drink alcohol, limit your consumption to no more than one drink per hour and always eat food when drinking alcohol.

Everyone should learn the symptoms of alcohol poisoning. If you suspect a friend is suffering from alcohol poisoning, call 911 immediately. And please, do not drink and drive, as that puts many more lives than your own in danger.

A student's time at Benedictine College can and should be one of the best experiences of his or her life. By using the resources here, we can help avoid the alcohol-related tragedies that have occurred with far too many college students.


Dr. Linda Henry
Vice President of Student Life