Navigate for Students

What is Navigate?

Navigate allows students, advisors, and faculty across campus to access information on a shared platform and will allow you to:

  • Schedule appointments with your academic advisor, instructors, Tutoring Center or other offices online.
  • View alerts and progress reports submitted by instructors about your performance in a course.
  • View your class schedule.
  • Easily access contact information for your instructors, academic advisor, and coach (if applicable).

Accessing Navigate

Navigate can be accessed from RavenZone in the “Frequently Used Links” section or by visiting Your username and password are the same ones used to log in to RavenZone.

Here are some links to information about how to use Navigate

Frequently Asked Questions

Something is wrong with “My Class Schedule.”

Course schedules are updated every 24 hours in Navigate, so check back tomorrow if you added or dropped a course that’s not appearing correctly. If the issue persists, contact

My major isn’t appearing…

Be sure your major has been declared on your official record. Majors are updated regularly in Navigate. If you have recently changed majors or just declared a major, allow time for the system to update. Contact for other problems.

Only one of my majors is appearing, not my second major or minor…

Navigate only displays one major, so if you’re double-majoring or have a minor, your second major and/or minor will not appear in Navigate. Don’t panic! Check RavenZone to make sure you have your second major declared.

Does Navigate replace RavenZone’s Student Planning?

No. Student Planning is still used to track your degree progress and register for classes.

Contact Information

If you encounter any technical difficulties while using Navigate please contact