Set Free Ministry

The Set Free Ministry Retreat Team travels to Parishes to give High School, Junior High, and Confirmation retreats. Retreats are led by college students steeped in the teachings of the Church and on fire for Jesus Christ!

Schedule a Set Free Retreat

Our retreats challenge students to take ownership of their faith. We provide students the opportunity to place Christ at the center of their lives during Reconciliation, Adoration, and Mass.  Music, skits, personal testimonies, talks, and small group discussions further help to facilitate this encounter with Christ through fellowship and community. Retreat packages start at $225.

Please contact for additional pricing information.

Phone: 913-360-7406

COVID-19 Mitigation

We are asking that all retreats follow the mitigation policies both of the Parish and Diocese having the retreat and of Benedictine College in order to meet all requirements!

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