Mission Trip: Peru Medical

Missionaries providing medical assistance

Family Missions Company (FMC) is a Catholic company of lay missionaries whose main apostolate is to send missionaries and missionary families all over the world for two to three years to live with the natives of third world nations and spread the gospel to them. While on mission, these families organize short-term mission trips, like ours, to provide for the needs of the people that they serve and to invite other Americans to join their mission.  Our ministry will include traveling in and around the city of Picota setting up a mobile medical clinic to extend the healing ministry of Jesus. In the past, we have visited jails, schools, and communities, offering medical care while our missionaries lead programs (like a Bible study, prayer, etc.) prepared for the people there. In the evenings, we will be teaming up with FMC’s full time missionaries in their ministries which may include work projects and visiting the elderly and handicapped.