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College Ministry Leadership

Megan Ryan

Megan Ryan
Director of College Ministry

Office: 913-360-7195 | Email

Father Luke Turner, OSB

Fr. Luke Turner, OSB

Office: 913-360-7349 | Email

Fr. Ryan Richardson

Fr. Ryan Richardson
Office: 913-360-7656 | Email

Adrian Charles
Coordinator of Catechesis

Office: 913-360-7312 | Email

Patricia Oliver
Coordinator of Youth Outreach

Office: 913-360-7406 | Email

Rachel Speer
Coordinator of Missions and Service
Office: 913-360-7611 | Email

Catherine Kluempers
Coordinator of Evangelization
Office: 913-360-7690 | Email

Anna Sluder
Administrative Assistant

Office: 913-360-7735 | Email