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BCYC - For Parents

What to Expect

We at BCYC (Benedictine College Youth Conferences) know that, as a parent, you are the primary educator and nurturer of your child. 

Our Summer Conferences are transformative; they make a difference.  We want your teen’s life to be transformed in Christ.  The parents of our participants notice many benefits of our conferences for their teens including:

  • Developing a sense of God in their daily life- Integrating prayer into their daily lives
  • More positive self-image
  • Greater sense of direction and purpose
  • More interest in their faith-life
  • Forming genuine friendships based on a common love of Christ

Your child will be under the care and guidance of our trained summer staff.  This includes our Director of Youth Outreach, Chaplain, and a team of Benedictine College students who spend their summer on mission for our Lord.  We want you to know that your child is in the best possible hands, and we know it is our duty and privilege to guide your teen as an individual this summer.

Safety and Supervision

Benedictine College’s campus is very safe.  We are familiar with hosting teens on our campus through our many faith and sport-based conferences, and strive to make our campus a welcoming, safe community for all of our visitors.  Every aspect of the campus in the summers is thought of with the visitor in mind specifically:

  • Our dorms are single sex.  Men aren’t allowed in the women’s dorms and vice versa during the summer months.  No one other than our Conferencing Staff, Summer Missionaries, and other authorized members of the college will be in the dorms during your teen’s stay.
  • Summer Missionaries stay in the residence Halls and serving as resident advisors.
  • All of our Summer Ministry Staff are Virtus trained and are up to date with the Archdiocese of Kansas City Kansas’ regulations on Safe Environment training for the protection of God’s children program.
  • Campus Security, Atchison Police, and the Atchison Fire Department all serve the campus community.


BCYC Encounter

Abby Z. Age 15, Ohio,

“I loved meeting all the leaders and hearing their story.  It inspired me to see them so in love with God but still having fun in what they do.”

“I learned how to talk to God just like my friends, and how by being joyful and loving I could bring more people to Christ than just preaching ever could.”

Camille P., Age 15, Missouri

“The most valuable thing I learned would have to be how to talk to God on a face to face basis.”

Allison P., 17, Missouri

“I feel like I was reminded that God should be the focus, and the center of my life.  I should give my hard decisions to God.  It was also cool to see how strong faith can be.  So many inspiring people.” 

Katherine T., 16, Iowa

“I think the biggest difference will be my relationship with Scripture.  Seeing the way that Scripture was a part of the lives of the Staff made me want that in my life.”

Maddie G. 17, Missouri

“Being courageous means to be real with God, and to be weak and vulnerable.”

Jeremy L., 17, Kansas

“I think I finally found a turning point when I can start praying more and more every day.” 

Mary Kate, 16, Pennsylvania

“I finally learned what community means because I experienced it!”

BCYC Immersion

Clare S., 15, Texas

“I learned how to use my voice the right way, but I also learned how to praise God with it.  The community here also taught me a lot.”

“I think everything I learned this week will help me to be not only a better singer, but also a better person to those around me.”

Aly S., 16

“I will definitely be more confident in singing and performing in front of people.  You just have to let God have all the nerves and anxiety.”

“Just being around other great people that all shared the same values and ideas as me has given me so much courage to live a life for Christ back home where people don’t necessarily share my values.”

Sarah N., 16, Kansas

“My leadership track taught me how to successfully manage myself and others.  I’m hoping my goal setting lesson and time management lesson will help me become more efficient with schoolwork and the leadership lessons will help me with corralling siblings.”

“I often saw God at Bible study.  Our leader offered thought provoking questions for all of us.  I saw God also through all the conselors-they truly exemplified Christ’s love and joy.”

Katie F., 17, HI, Voice

“I learned that showing kindness to everyone and forgiving our enemies is one of the hardest things to do, but since everyone was so kind to me here, it allowed to see the effects of kindness and forgiveness because it allowed me to open up and become a kinder person.”

Mary Kate, 16, Chemistry

“Actually, I felt like I saw him in everything we were doing, and in the people I met, and the commitments the counselors made.”

“This is such a beautiful program and I am so glad that I came.  I wished I had more time with the people here.”

Erin R., 17, Voice

“The most valuable thing I’ve learned this week is courage.  There are so many things I would never have done if I hadn’t to Cathedral, such as singing to people, actually trying to be good at dodgeball, and dancing.  I am very grateful.”

Luke, 16, Voice

“I learned how to be more masculine and I became a better singer.”

Katherine G., 17, Humanities

“I learned how to trust God and let him take the wheel of my life.  I grew a lot in my relationship with Christ this week.”

“I loved Bible Study.  My leaders were amazing and I felt like I could be totally open and vulnerable with them.”

Isabelle C., 17, Engineering

“Please don’t ever stop doing this.  It was my favorite camp I’ve ever been to and it really made my summer”

“I think that I learned how to be more patient and grew much more closer to God during this week.  I also learned more about myself and about others.”

 Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Benedictine College?

Benedictine is located in Atchison, KS, right along the Missouri River, 45 minutes northwest of Kansas City.

What if I’m flying in?

We know that many of our participants come from quite a distance.  We are located 40 minutes from the Kansas City International Airport (MCI) and provide a shuttle service free of charge to and from the airport for our conferences. The first shuttle arrives at the airport at 8:00 a.m. on the first day of any conference. We ask that students arrive between 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. to ensure that they arrive to campus in time to check-in.  On the last day of the conference we ask that you plan the departure no sooner than 3:30pm so that your student has adequate time to say goodbye to new friends and get to the airport in plenty of time to check in.  We want your teen to have the full experience at our conference so we ask that departures not be set before the end of the conference.  Similarly we ask that they (and our Summer Missionaries running the shuttle) be present for the opening and closing events of the conference.  Please note that we can only pick up students who are flying in from the airport. We are not able to pick up students from the airport who are dropped off there instead of on campus.  

Where will I sleep?

All participants will be housed in single-sex college dormitories.  All bedding is provided, but many students choose to bring their own pillow or an extra blanket just in case.  The dorms can be particularly cool at night.

Do you accept roommate requests?

Benedictine College strives to honor all roommate requests.  Roommate requests are made at the time of application.  If there are any discrepancies in requests (i.e. not matching up) the request will be disregarded.  Each participant may only request one roommate.

Can I come without a group?

Absolutely!  We have many students each year who come to our conferences without a parish group.  Students who register for BCYC Encounter without a group will be placed in a group led by one of our Summer Missionaries.  BCYC Immersion is built for individuals, but you're encouraged to bring your friends to experience the week together!

Emergency Contact?

Staff will be available 24/7 during the conference to answer any questions and handle any emergencies that arise. In the interest of protecting our young people, Benedictine College Ministry requires ALL adult leaders to be VIRTUS trained. We desire our conferences to be a place where parents feel safe to send their teens.  If you need to get in contact with one of our Ministry Staff at Benedictine College you can do so by calling (913) 360-7406 at any time.

What do I do if I have a food allergy?

If you or anyone in your group has a food allergy we need to be aware of (vegetarian, lactose intolerant, wheat/peanut allergy, etc.), please let us know. There is a section on the registration that allows you to share this information with us. We always do our very best to accommodate your needs; however, it never hurts to bring some snacks just in case.

What is the weather like? How should I dress?

Kansas is warm during the summer. It’s hot during the day and pleasant at night and in the mornings. Some of the breakout rooms may be chilly so bring a sweater or sweatshirt just in case. Dress to be casual and comfortable. Modest, comfortable clothing is recommended. Many of our students will bring a nicer outfit for Mass on Sunday but we don’t require this.  The one exception to this is the banquet for BCYC Immersion.  All students should plan to dress up for the Immersion banquet keeping modesty at the forefront of their mind.

Can my child attend if they have a disability?

Please contact the Benedictine College Ministry office at (913) 360-7406 if your student needs additional attention. Benedictine College Ministry will do its best to accommodate any special needs.

I've looked over the information, and I still can't decide if I should come. What should I do?

Email the conference director at with the subject line: SUMMER CONFERENCES QUESTION. We're always happy to tell you more about the conference, faculty and events, and to help you figure out the best option!

What if my plans change after I have registered?

The $150 deposit is non-refundable after you have registered for BCYC.  The remaining amount is refundable up to 30 days before BCYC begins. Within 30 days of the conference the paid amount is non-refundable due to supply, staffing, and meal expenses.  Exceptions to these rules can be made in extenuating circumstances, please contact us if your plans have changed!