BCYC Immersion Theatre Track

Students in a theatre performance

  • Session 1: June 16-21, 2024

If you can master Shakespeare's language, and create a living breathing human being out of his characters, you can master just about any role the Theatre throws at you. With that in mind, the BCYC Immersion Theatre program for high school students will combine foundational acting techniques, rehearsal exercises, and creative dramatic play with a crash course in Shakespearean performance. You will learn how to investigate his texts, how to physicalize the action inherent in the text, how to speak his language in a lucid and dynamic manner, and how to literally live Shakespeare. When we play characters, we learn a new language, and become that much more human. At the end of the week, we will present a showcase in which each student will perform a monologue and a scene, but the emphasis of this track lies in the discoveries of the process.

Track Instructor

Lindsay Kennedy 
Assistant Professor of the Theatre Department

Theatre professor Dr. Lindsay Kennedy

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