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Philosophy Track

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“You say one must philosophize. Then you must philosophize. You say one should not philosophize. Then (to prove your contention) you must philosophize. In any case you must philosophize.”— Aristotle

For nearly three millennia, philosophers in the west have grappled with some of the most difficult questions we have ever thought to ask. Seeking answers, they left their conclusions behind, along with the arguments supporting them. We will be looking at some of the better-known philosophical arguments among them. From the allegory of the cave to the five ways of St. Thomas Aquinas to Pascal’s wager, these arguments can serve as a brief introduction to the life and work of philosophers to anyone who would like to learn more about the “examined life”.

  • Session 2: June 20-25, 2021

Cost of attendance: $625.00

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Track Instructor

Dr. Jean Rioux
Professor of Philosophy

Dr. Jean Rioux

Dr. Rioux is an award-winning professor and the chairman of the philosophy department at Benedictine College, where he has taught for many years. A graduate of Thomas Aquinas College, he earned his Master's and Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of St. Thomas in Houston.

Specializing in the thought of Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas, Dr. Rioux has written textbooks in logic and natural philosophy, as well as a number of articles in the philosophy of mathematics. A book on Thomas Aquinas’ philosophy of mathematics is in the works.

He and Benedictine's chair of theology regularly offer great books classes in philosophy and theology. Dr. Rioux and his wife, Maria, raise their children in a renovated farmhouse in rural Kansas. They have been designing their own curricula and educating their children at home for many years.