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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How will the schedule work?

    See the outline of our schedule. You will have the opportunity to join us live for all talks, tours and activities, OR to watch them later to allow more flexibility to your schedule. This will allow you to adjust for the needs of your teens, to be able to go at your own pace, or to adjust for another time zone!

  2. How will we get small group questions?

    If you are joining us live, your small group leaders will be able to join our Flocknote group to get small group questions texted straight to their phone for each session! If you watch the sessions later, you will have access to the small group questions in your online BCYC portal as soon as the session ends.

  3. How do split sessions work? (Pray Like a Monk and Men’s and Women’s Sessions)

    For Men’s and Women’s Sessions, we encourage you to have two separate areas set up for students to view the talks and then break into small groups. If you only have one area set up for viewing at your Parish, we would suggest doing a game or activity with one group while the other watches their session, and then switching.

    For the Pray Like a Monk sessions, you can split up and have multiple viewing areas, or you can choose as a group which two sessions to attend and watch them all together! All split sessions will be run through Zoom and then posted for viewing once the session is over.

  4. Can I print out the booklet?

    Yes! We have put together online booklets that are downloadable! We suggest printing out a booklet for each participant for them to use throughout the weekend. It will have the resources for the ‘Pray like a Monk’ talks, activities, the schedule and much more! They can be printed in either black and white or color. The booklets and instructions on how to print them will be in your online BCYC portal. We will offer both an un-editable version for those attending the live conference, and an editable one for those who want to adjust their schedule for more flexibility.

  5. What else do you provide?

    Our goal is to provide all the content you need for the weekend. We will live stream Mass with the Monks of St. Benedict’s Abbey, have optional tours of the Abbey and Benedictine College campus during breaks, and provide ideas for games to play with your group! Since you can join us live or watch sessions after they happen, you can use as much or as little as you like, providing all the flexibility you need!

  6. Okay, I’m ready to register… now what?

    You can register your group at any time! You don’t need to know who is coming yet. Simply give us the group leader’s info and select the number of spots you anticipate having. After registering, you can enter the names and emails of your students and add them your group at any time, and you can also increase the size of your group if you need to.