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Dr. Andrew Jaeger

Dr. Andrew Jaeger

Position Title: Associate Professor
Department: Philosophy
Office: Ferrell Academic Center 309
Phone: 913.360.7496
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Dr. Andrew Jaeger lives in Atchison with his wife (Catherine) and children (Mary, Leo, Adelaide, Edith, and Teresa Avila). He received B.A. degrees in Theology and Philosophy from Benedictine College (2008), and his M.A. (2010) and Ph.D. (2014) in Philosophy from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. He was named the 2013 American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly’s “Rising Scholar” for his paper, “Back to the Primitive: From Substantial Capacities to Prime Matter.” Dr. Jaeger has published papers on metaphysics and theology in several journals including: Communio: International Catholic Review, American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly, Journal of Analytic Theology, and Res Philosophica. He is currently working on a book on the metaphysics of Plato, Nietzsche, and Dostoyevsky.

Curriculum Vitae

Journal Articles

“Matter Without Form: The Ontological Status of Christ’s Dead Body,” The Journal of Analytic Theology (forthcoming). [with Jeremy Sienkiewicz]

“Hylemorphic Animalism and the Incarnational Problem of Identity,” The Journal of Analytic
 5 (2017), 145-162. [Link]

“Back to the Primitive: From Substantial Capacities to Prime Matter,” American Catholic
Philosophical Quarterly
, 88.3 (2014): 383 – 395.

“A Tale of Two Parts”, Res Philosophica, 91.3 (2014): 477 – 484.

“Mental Causation as Teleological Causation,” Proceedings of the American Catholic
     Philosophical Association
, 85 (2011): 161 – 171. 


Seminar on Material Composition and Hylomorphism

Metaphysics and Christ

Modern Anglo-American Philosophy

Modern Continental Philosophy

Early Modern Philosophy

Modal Logic


Principles of Nature

Philosophical Psychology


Research Interests

 Dr. Jaeger’s research interests are varied, but currently he is interested in material composition and hylomorphism, metaphysics of the incarnation and the trinity, and postmodernism.  

Unpublished Papers and Manuscripts in Progress

“Temporary and Local Intrinsics,” (with Alexander Pruss); LINK

“Hylomorphism and Modern Physics,” (with James Madden); LINK

(Ill)ogic, (with James Madden) complete manuscript of an introductory logic textbook.

Book Reviews

Review of Aquinas on the Metaphysics of the Hypostatic Union, Michael Gorman, American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly, (forthcoming).

 Review of Aquinas’ Ontology of the Material World: Change, Hylomorphism, and Material Objects, Jeffrey Brower, The Thomist, 81.2 (2017): 277-281.

 Review of Where the Conflict Really Lies: Science, Religion, and Naturalism, Alvin Plantinga, American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly, 87.4 (2013): 796-799.

 Review of The Recalcitrant Imago Dei: Human Persons and the Failure of Naturalism, J.P. Moreland, American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly, 85.3 (2011): 507-510.

 Reviews of “Ch. 17 - Aquinas: Action,” and “Ch. 18 - Aquinas: Freedom,” in The Development of Ethics, Terrence Irwin, The Philosophical Forum, 42.3 (2011): 282-283.

Conference Presentations

 “Comments on ‘Truthmaking and Christian Theology,” Timothy Pawl, American Catholic Philosophical Association, Boston, MA, Oct. 8-11, 2015.

“Comments on ‘Dispositionalism, Categoricalism, and Metaphysical Naturalism,” Travis Dumsday, American Catholic Philosophical Association, Washington, DC, Oct. 9-12, 2014.

“Back to the Primitive: a dispositional account of prime matter,” (invited) Wake Forrest Hylomorphism Workshop, Winston-Salem, NC, June 2-8, 2013.

“A Tale of Two Parts,” Society of Christian Philosophers Pacific Division, Boulder, CO, March 8-9, 2013. Commentator: Allison Thornton.

“Simple Four-Dimensional Substance,” International American Maritain Association, Philadelphia, PA, October 11-13, 2012.

“Macro-Substances: Eliminated or Simplified?” University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Friday Colloquia Series, April 6, 2012.

“Mental Causation as Teleological Causation,” American Catholic Philosophical Association, St. Louis, MO, October 28-30, 2011. Commentator: Fr. James Brent, O.P.

“Determinable Properties and Existence Conditions: An Aristotelian Approach,” International American Maritain Association 2010 Annual Meeting, Canton, OH, October 14-16, 2010.

“Counterfactual Transitivity and Context-Shifts.”  The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Friday Colloquia Series, April 17, 2009.

Other Interests

Dr. Jaeger enjoys reading with his children and playing chess.  He is also a strategy game tester for Victory Point Games.