Cray Center for Entrepreneurial Services | Benedictine College

The Cray Center
for Entrepreneurial Services

The mission of the Cray Center is to spread entrepreneurship across the Benedictine College campus, assist local businesses, and provide unique entrepreneurial opportunities for future, ethical business leaders in their communities.

Our Vision: To develop successful entrepreneurs that will transform culture in their communities.

The Center's History

The Cray Center for Entrepreneurship is named after the most successful entrepreneurial family from the town of Atchison. Cloud L. Cray came to Atchison, Kansas, where Benedictine College is located, in the early 1900’s. He created and built what is now MGP Ingredients, the largest business in Atchison. His sons, and now grandchildren, have started or built several other local businesses.

The Cray Center was established by the generosity of the Cray foundation and the Cray family. It is in the true “Cray spirit” that the mission and approach of the Center is molded. In June of 1996, a group of successful local entrepreneurs headed by Bud and Dick Cray decided it was time to start something at Benedictine College that would encourage students to pursue entrepreneurship as a viable road to business success. You are now seeing the fruit of their labor in the continued growth of “The Cray.”


David W. Bryant, Ph.D.
Director of The Cray Center for Entrepreneurial Services
Benedictine College