Gregorian Fellows Leadership Program - FAQ | Benedictine College

Gregorian Fellows - Frequently Asked Questions


Students interested in the Gregorian Fellowship program must apply to and be accepted for undergraduate admission at Benedictine College. Students must demonstrate a minimum high school GPA of 3.5 (weighted) and a minimum 27 ACT, 1260 SAT or 84 CLT). Consideration will be granted if the student does not meet the academic requirements but has an extensive leadership resume.


Participants in the program experience huge personal development: greater knowledge, a greater love for learning, and a set of skills that will serve them in both graduate school and career development.


How many Gregorian Fellows are selected? 25 outstanding students are given this opportunity each academic year, with 100 students total.

If I am not Catholic, is this program for me? Students do not need to be Catholic to participate. Though there is a strong Catholic viewpoint in several modules, the majority of the modules provide a broad perspective on leadership.

To what purpose can the one-time grant be used? This special fund can be spent on any educational endeavor. Students have used their grants for studying abroad, internships, service learning projects, and special research opportunities.

How are the Fellows selected? In selecting Gregorian Fellows, we look for a student's evidence of academic talent, leadership ability and desire to have an impact on his/her surroundings, and a strong understanding of the importance of promoting Catholic identity in public life.