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The Ex Corde Media Fellows

The Ex Corde Center for Catholic Media creates media content to promote positive messages of faith, hope, and love while providing students with the tools, experiences, and contacts they need to enter the 21st century media world as effective communicators.

Program Highlights

  • Studio Day: The Center’s Studio Days will give students hands-on experience with video production.
  • Educational trips: The Center will host educational trips to local television and video production studios.
  • Center Activities: Including workshops, speakers, and fellowship, to help students use 21st century tools to promote truth, beauty, and goodness in effective, far-reaching ways.
  • Internships: Fellows will help students find internships with video production companies and create connections with media professionals.

Program Benefits

  • Media: The center will help create podcasts, host the school’s content marketing, and produce videos, all of which will promote the Catholic faith and support the College’s mission.
  • Networking: The center offers exclusive networking opportunities through mentors, internships, connections, and experience.

Join the Fellows


  • Minimum high school GPA of 3.5
  • Minimum 27 ACT, 1260 SAT, or 84 CLT*
  • Scholars much maintain a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA in order to renew their scholarship each year

* Test optional candidates will be evaluated on the strength of their GPA, Program Application, and supporting materials.

Students who do not meet the academic requirements may be considered for acceptance on the strength of their essays.


  • Submit online application and required essay
  • Application deadline is December 15 for acceptance the following fall

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Nathan Pickman
Director of the Center for Catholic Media