MBA - Testimonials

“It is through the integration of community, faith and scholarship that we have found success, and it is through our continued commitment to all three that we will go forward.”

— President Steve Minnis

“My decision to enroll in Benedictine’s MBA program was unequivocally one of the best of my career.  The program places an emphasis on developing not just management and leadership skills, but in conducting business ethically and responsible.  Overall, my confidence has increased on both a personal and professional level.”

— Steve Rufino, VP, Experian Information Solutions

“Benedictine’s MBA program increased my critical-thinking skills and added weight to my resume in a competitive marketplace.  The quality of the instructors and their unified approach to delivering a cohesive curriculum across all disciplines was the aspect of the program I appreciated the most.  Each of the professor’s scholastic expertise, real world experience and personal commitment to each student’s growth and professional development was evident throughout the entire curriculum.”

— Loraine Uebele, National Accounts Sales Consultant, Microsoft Health Solutions Group

“I am very interested in evangelizing in the workplace and bearing witness to how an upright Catholic ought to live, seeking first the Kingdom of God and not putting material success on a pedestal above our Lord. I find the idea of living out my Catholic faith in the workplace and putting others before personal gain very attractive to me, and I know this is the type of life the Lord would want me to lead if I choose to enter the business world.”

— Michael Duchesne

“Under the guidance of my advisor and teacher Professor Michael King, I have grown to love my fields of study (Finance & Spanish) and was encouraged to enroll in Benedictine's MBA program upon graduation.  I am so glad to have taken this opportunity to pursue a Master's degree and have received positive feedback from employers even as soon as a year into the program.  I not only feel prepared for the workforce, but am excited to put the values and skills I have learned at Benedictine to the test.”

— Sally Feldewert, Financial Analyst, Verizon

“I decided to pursue an MBA degree at Benedictine College after a successful 10-year stint in Business Administration. As I progressed through the program, I was confirmed on my conviction that it was the right decision at the right time. It did not only deepen my understanding of key business principles that set me apart in a competitive job market; but also, the MBA program offered me the opportunity to reflect on my past professional experience as a whole, helping me to calibrate skills and techniques learned in the past, giving me the confidence and enthusiasm I needed in striving to become a valuable asset within an organization.”

— Denis Spahaj, Finance & Accounting, Mediterranean Shipping Company (USA), Inc

“When I was considering an MBA program I knew I wanted an education that provided an intellectual approach to business while maintaining an authentically Catholic foundation. The MBA program at Benedictine College was the perfect fit of both. I learned more than I anticipated and every class was taught through the lens of virtue and ethics. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is seeking an advanced degree in business without sacrificing their Catholic identity.”

— Steve Pries, Director of Development at FOCUS