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Get a Remote MBA with Live Interactive Video Conferencing

Join on-campus MBA classes from the comfort of your home through our online live conferencing platform.

For more than two decades we have been pleased to offer a very successful on-campus Master of Business Administration program, but we are well-aware of the fact that not everyone is able to attend classes here in Atchison, KS. So we are bringing the MBA courses to you, allowing remote students to participate from anywhere in the country through live video conferencing.

As a remote student, you will be able to ask questions, participate in class discussions and get to know your professors and fellow MBA classmates. Additionally, we invite and encourage all of our remote students to visit our beautiful campus whenever their schedules allow, to attend classes in person and interact with your professors and classmates face-to-face.

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The Higher Learning Commission has awarded Benedictine College full accreditation to offer our Remote MBA as a degree program.

Technology Requirements

  • High Speed Internet
  • Computer with Intel Core i5 or higher, camera and microphone
  • Earbuds and external microphone will make for a better experience

As college graduates are facing an increasingly competitive job market, we would like to offer you an affordable option to take MBA courses at less than 1/3 of the average cost, setting yourself apart from your peers with whom you are competing for jobs.

Take a look at our Top 10 Reasons to Earn Your MBA at Benedictine College. We offer you much more than just an MBA, we will help you land that next job or promotion. Plus, you will make lasting friendships with your classmates and your professors! Join our network of 600+ MBA Alumni!

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