Alumni Success
Master of Arts in School Leadership

Shane Rapp, ’08

Shane Rapp

Principal, St. James Academy
Lenexa, Kansas

“This program is uniquely situated to help Catholic school leaders, I think it provides background knowledge for whatever setting you are going into whether it is public, private, Catholic, or charter. I think a lot of the knowledge applies across areas, but especially those who are considering a Catholic school leadership role perhaps in the future.”

Lynda Higgins, ’13

Lynda Higgins

Principal, Resurrection Catholic School at the Cathedral
Kansas City, Kansas

“I always recommend to people that are interested in getting their master’s in administration [at Benedictine College] because it is such a hands-on program, and it is very Catholic centered and gives us many tools to use as principals.”

Andy Tylicki, ’07

Andy Tylicki

President, St. James Academy
Lenexa, Kansas

“It is such a great experience to participate in Benedictine’s Catholic school cohort because of the collaborative work that exists between classmates. That collaboration continues with the work we do in our Catholic schools on a daily basis. The mission of Catholic schools to pass on the faith to the next generation of Catholics is alive and well in our schools with the Benedictine College program.”

Maureen Engen, ’10

Maureen Engen

Principal, Bishop Miege High School
Roeland Park, Kansas

“All the instructors were phenomenal. It was an engaging program. We had to put together this portfolio, and I remember balancing work, being a mom, and also doing the projects. I think Benedictine’s program allows you to have that balance at the same time to stretch yourself so you can experience what it’s like to be an administrator.”