Department of Sociology and Criminology

The objectives of the department are as follows:

  1. to help students acquire an in-depth comprehension of the social order through study of major concepts and theories found within the discipline
  2. to develop knowledge of scientific sociology through practical experience in theory construction, methodology and field study
  3. to prepare students for graduate and professional schools with a view toward research, teaching, and public service
  4. to prepares students for careers in applied social science, social administration, and public social services

Criminology is an interdisciplinary social science that studies the causes of crime and delinquency, analyzes crime patterns, and critically examines the origins and functions of criminal law and the criminal justice system.  The criminology program at Benedictine College, contained in the Department of Sociology, provides students with a rigorous introduction to the methods and material of contemporary criminological inquiry, including classical and contemporary theories of crime and criminality, methods of theory testing and data analysis, and public policy issues related to crime prevention, control and punishment.  Students who successfully complete the program requirements will be prepared well for graduate and professional school, and will have the critical thinking and communication skills necessary for post-baccalaureate training as criminal justice practitioners. Although the criminology program at Benedictine College is more aligned with the liberal arts pillar of the college than it is with training students for careers in criminal justice, direct contact and experience with criminal justice agencies is available through internship placements.

Majors & Minors

Benedictine College offers both a major and minor in Sociology & Criminology




Careers include administrator, social systems analyst, business and industry, community planning, counseling, environmental research and planning, governmental, market research, minority and race relations staff, public housing staff, public opinion research, public relations, regional planning and development, research advertising, census, marketing research, public opinion research, teaching, aging, urban affairs, policy analysis, human resources development, health services administration, program analysis, staff aide, management of public systems, policy planning and coordination

Campus Organizations & Activities

Sociology Club


Dr. Kevin M. Bryant, Professor & Chair

Karen Wood, Assistant Professor

Dr. Gary Burkart, Professor Emeritus

Contact Information

For more information, please contact Dr. Kevin Bryant or call 913.360.7399.