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Psychology - Service Experience

Students enrolled in the Psychology Service Experience spend time each week at an agency or organization dedicated to providing human services. In class, students share and reflect on their experiences and spend time exploring careers in psychology. The Service Experience course is designed primarily for students who do not intend to go immediately into graduate school, and provides valuable insights into the nature of jobs available to those with a bachelor’s degree, as well as to the complexities of the lives of those who seek assistance from human services agencies.

Psychology service experiences include:

  • Providing court-ordered supervision for parents and their children;
  • Working with adults with serious and persistent mental illness;
  • Working with families living in poverty;
  • Working with preschool and school-aged children with emotional and behavioral problems;
  • Working in a school setting under the guidance of a school counselor;
  • Providing employment counseling to adults with disabilities;
  • Accompanying providers of home-health services on home visits.