Psychology - Research Experience

Students and faculty in the Department of Psychological Sciences engage in collaborative research through the Research Seminar course and Discovery projects. Often, students present their research at professional and undergraduate psychology conferences, and submit their research for publication in peer-reviewed journals. Such research experience at the undergraduate level is increasingly critical to acceptance into doctoral programs in psychology.


Recent research projects include:


Carson, M. (2015). Theoretical explanations for vaccine refusal. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Psychological and Educational Research in Kansas, Salina, KS. 


Cook, M., Pasley, J., Pellarin, E., Medow, K. & Baltz, M. (2013). Construct validation of the five love languages. Journal of Psychological Inquiry, 18, 50-61.


Marek, S., Gross, A., & Posey, A. (2013). Creation and validation of an instrument to measure attitudes about adoption. Presented at Discovery Day at Benedictine College, Atchison, KS.


Stec, H. M., Carlson, V. A., Farrell, L. M., & Rangel, R. (2013). The state of grace scale: Operationalizing a virtuous life. Paper presented at the Great Plains Undergraduate Psychology Conference, Omaha, NE.