Physics & Astronomy - Degrees

Our graduates have been highly successful in pursuing further study in graduate programs in a variety of scientific and engineering disciplines. Historically, about three-fourths of our graduates have successfully pursued advanced degrees. Others have accepted positions in business or industry, or at research laboratories, while some have pursued careers in law, medicine, and the religious life, for example.

Benedictine College is one of only 15 liberal arts colleges in the US that offers an astronomy major. Among those, we are the only Catholic institution, and the only one outside of the East and West Coasts. Our astronomy majors get hands on experience with world-class telescopes, and are well-prepared for graduate study in astronomy and astrophysics.

Our Engineering Physics program leads to a bachelor’s degree that combines the strengths of our physics program with the unique academic, social, and spiritual atmosphere of the college. Additionally, a program leading to secondary education teaching certification in physics is available.

Transfer students pursuing a major in Physics, Astronomy, or Engineering Physics must take a minimum of 40% of the coursework required for the major at Benedictine College.

Degree Programs