Bachelor of Arts in Music with Emphasis in Composition | Benedictine College

Emphasis in Composition (BA in Music)


The Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in Music Composition consists of course work in the major, core music studies (theory, aural skills, music history, keyboard instruction, conducting, ensemble) and the Benedictine College general education program.

The degree program includes participation in the spring semester Studio Composition Recital where composition majors have their compositions performed in formats representative of instrumental, tape and instrumental, and electronic works.

Sample Work

Entrance Requirements

Admission to Benedictine College Music programs is granted through the admission process. Applicants are screened by appropriate faculty for discipline specific areas. Specific entrance requirements are reviewed on an annual basis.

Capstone Project

A senior recital must be completed under approved faculty supervision and guidance. The faculty of the department of the student's major program determines the detailed requirements of the recital, including content, length, format and other specifications in alignment with stated catalog options. In cases in which a performance venue is required in order to present the recital, reservations must be made according to the current guidelines of the Music Department office.

Curriculum Requirements

Core Academic Courses:

Music Theory:

  • MUSC-1000, Fundamentals
  • MUSC-1001, Music Theory I
  • MUSC-1002, Music Theory II
  • MUSC-2000, Music Theory III
  • MUSC-3000, Music Theory IV

Functional Keyboard:

  • MUSC-1003, Keyboard I
  • MUSC-1004, Keyboard II

Music History:

  • MUSC-1101, World Music Literature
  • MUSC-4100, Music History & Literature
  • MUSC-4101, Music History & Literature


  • Four semesters of major instrument
  • Eight semesters of major ensemble

Program Intensive Courses:

Music Composition:

  • MUSC-2001, Music Composition
  • MUSC-2002, Music Composition
  • MUSC-3001, Music Composition
  • MUSC-3002, Music Composition
  • MUSC-3004, Seminar in Composition
  • MUSC-4001, Music Composition
  • MUSC-4002, Music Composition
  • MUSC-4997, Senior Recital - Composition


  • MUSC-3003, Orchestration & Arranging


  • MUSC-3005, Counterpoint


  • MUSC-3201, Introduction to Conducting

For information, contact:
Dr. Christopher Greco