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Department of Music
Woodwind Studies: Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Saxophone, Bassoon

Dr. Christopher Greco teaching a Woodwinds Ensemble

Dr. Christopher J. Greco

Woodwind applied studies at Benedictine College are guided by the purpose of developing comprehensive musical skills with each individual student. This is accomplished by teaching within four principle areas of instrumental technique: technical foundation, etude studies, representative literature, and performance practice.

Woodwind specialist Dr. Christopher J. Greco guides the prospective woodwind student according to ability through the four principle areas in order to develop their full potential as instrumentalists, performers, soloists, and chamber players.

The woodwind studies program at Benedictine College offers the student the opportunity to systematically develop technique, interpretive abilities through etude studies, and explore a diverse range of solo literature representative of the stylistic periods of the western music tradition.

The woodwind student will take part in noon recitals each semester that encourage the performance of literature developed within the practice studio. Also, woodwind students are encouraged to participate in the Benedictine College Woodwind Chamber Ensembles which offer the opportunity to explore and advance skills in the areas of intonation, blend, balance, rhythmic propulsion, group phrasing, and spirited performance.

The Benedictine College woodwind studio is structured in a way that consistently looks to fostering pursuit of excellence, scholarship, growth, innovation, student participation, and relevance as cornerstones for preparing each student to become a productive member of todayʼs global society.

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