Brass / Percussion Studio | Benedictine College

Department of Music
Brass and Percussion Studio

Mr. Ted Hanman

Students who participate in brass and percussion come from a variety of majors. This provides a stimulating environment where they can learn their art and support the college through a variety of performances. With many solo, chamber, and large ensemble experiences, the performance opportunities provided by the brass and percussion studio are an extension of their individual studies in private lessons.

Many brass and percussion performances take place on campus each year and include anything from a single instrument recital, through chamber music concerts, performances of the orchestra and bands, and may even include opera workshop productions. Many students choose to develop their academic work with a music based discovery project, a cornerstone of the academic programs here at Benedictine college.

Brass and Percussion students receive a weekly private lesson (one-half hour or one hour) and attend a weekly performance recital in which they have the opportunity to perform for the college community.

Brass and Percussion students participate in large ensembles such as the  Symphonic Band, Jazz Ensemble, and Orchestra. Additionally, students take advantage of the wide array of small ensembles offered, such as Brass Ensemble, Drum Corps, and a Jazz Combo.

Outstanding students are often awarded financial aid in the form of scholarships. These awards are based on musical proficiency, academic achievement and potential for success in the various degrees. Many Brass/Percussion students receive additional income through engagements with the college and work study.

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