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About the Music Department

As an institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music, Benedictine College offers majors leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Music degree and to a Bachelor of Music Education degree. An additional area of emphasis within the Bachelor of Arts in Music program includes Music Composition. Students have the opportunity to study music through the minor program.

Mission of the Music Department:

The Benedictine College Music Department strives to present opportunities for students that meet the artistic, creative, and scholarly demands of those who intend to pursue teaching, performance or other careers in music. The Department enhances the cultural activities of the college and serves the student body with offerings in applied music and with vocal and instrumental ensemble.

Music Department Objectives

  1. The Music Department aims to provide for students in the liberal arts degree programs  (Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Music, Bachelor of Arts with a major in Music with Emphasis in Music Composition, Bachelor of Arts with a major in Music with Emphasis in Music Marketing) the educational opportunities, performance experiences, and expectation of standards on a national level to prepare those students for entrance into study on the graduate level and/or preparation for a professional career in music.
  2. The Music Department aims to provide professional training for those students desiring to teach Pre-K-12 general, instrumental and vocal music through the Bachelor of Music Education degree program.
  3. The Music Department aims to successfully meet standards required by appropriate accrediting agencies: KSDE, NASM, NCATE.
  4. The Music Department aims to provide to all students the opportunity to perform in ensembles, participate in music courses and applied music, and to attend musical events for their cultural development.
  5. The Music Department aims to provide an atmosphere that fosters scholarship and independent research to reflect the character of Benedictine College as America's Discovery College. (Benedictine College Catalog, p. 144). 

Music Handbook

Please refer to the Benedictine College Music Handbook for all descriptions of policies and procedures.

For complete information on the programs and course descriptions please click here for the music portion of the Benedictine College Catalog.   

The Benedictine College Student Handbook outlines policies for the general student.

Students interested in the Bachelor of Music Education degree program can find additional information concerning licensure and professional education policies and procedures in the Benedictine College Education Department Policy and Procedures Handbook 2018-2019.

For detailed information on all areas of academics please refer the Benedictine College Catalog.