Math/Computer Science - Research & Projects

Our Mathematics and Computer Science students are involved with many different kinds of research and projects. All math majors must complete a research project and computer science majors complete a final group project. We also have students accepted into summer REU (research experiences for undergraduates) programs across the country. Students are also encouraged to do projects for Discovery Day. Below are some recent examples.

Mathematics Independent Research Topics

The Algebra of Quaternionsa Brief Look into the Discovery and Use of Quaternions - Katie Goring

Game Theory and Nash’s Equilibrium - Gabriel Sherman

Projective Space: Including Infinity in the Picture - Abby Hickin

Knot Theory - Josh Haren

Transfinite Cardinal Numbers and the Continuum Hypothesis - Daniel Fortino

The Mathematics of the Sounds of the Organ - Tess Schuck

Coding Theory with Reed-Solomon Codes as a Real-World Example - Augustine Calvino

A Brief Overview of Numerical Analysis - Rochelle Farson

The Rubik's Cube: Not So Puzzling After All - Mary Kate Levitt

Using Grobner Bases to Solve Sudoku Puzzles - Megan Ruzicka

Computer Science Projects

ORDO: Mobile Table Ordering Solution - Nicole Barry, John Corkum, Andrew Greiner and Isaac Straus

Chemistry Nomenclature Memorization - Colton Cole, Philip Harris and Chase Taylor

Study Abroad Database - Alex Rohm and Mary Rumpza

Free Health Care Clinic Webpage - Gabriel Hermes, Travis Hicks and Dominic Schmitz

Tutoring Information Tracker - Hannah Klamerus, Mark Mast, Joseph Rioux and Donovan Templeton

Discovery Day Presentations

Fighting With Fractions: Finding the Whole Solution - Catherine Rea

Econometrics of the Domestic Box Office - Ben Schutte

Intelligent Parallelization of Numerical Solvers - Paul Modlin

Mathematical Analysis and Visualization of the BC Course Catalog - Kassy Short