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Math/Computer Science - Degrees Offered

The Mathematics and Computer Science Department at Benedictine College is committed to maintaining a curriculum that provides students with the necessary tools to enter a career in their field with a broad, solid knowledge of mathematics or computer science. Our students are provided with the knowledge, analytical, and problem solving skills necessary to function as mathematicians or computer scientists in our world today.

The Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics degree prepares students for graduate study, for responsible positions in business, industry, and government, as well as for teaching positions in secondary and elementary schools. Basic skills and techniques provide for entering a career as an actuary, banker, bio-mathematician, computer programmer, computer scientist, economist, engineer, industrial researcher, lawyer, management consultant, market research analyst, mathematician, mathematics teacher, operations researcher, quality control specialist, statistician, or systems analyst.

Computer science is an area of study that is important in the technological age in which we live. The computer science major at Benedictine College provides a balanced approach to the discipline, treating computing both as an art and as a tool for varied use. The Bachelor of Arts or Science prepares students for graduate study in the field of computer science or for employment in an ever-expanding spectrum of occupations dependent upon computing. The minor provides a useful addition to many areas of study, including mathematics, science, business, and mass communications.