World & Classical Languages and Cultures

One of the immediate objectives of the Department of Modern Foreign and Classical Languages is to teach the fundamental skills of listening, speaking, writing, and reading of another language. This objective is focused on students developing the ability to communicate on various levels in the target language and to gain an appreciation of the literature written in that language.

Another objective of the department is to convey to students a knowledge and understanding of a different language, people and culture and to give them a method of viewing the world with a broader perspective.

Language Offerings

The department offerings include the following languages: Spanish, French, Greek and Latin.

Majors and Minors

Benedictine College offers majors and minors in Foreign Languages, French, International Studies and Spanish.


The degree enables students to pursue careers in education, graduate studies, journalism, travel, social services and health professions, law school, law enforcement, marketing, management, Peace Corps, and international non-government organizations.

Campus Organizations and Activities

  • International Club
  • Spanish Club
  • French Club
  • HALO (Hispanic and Latino Organization)
  • Alpha Mu Gamma

Study Abroad

The department offers the following faculty-directed study abroad programs:


Summer and Semester programs in France at the Catholic University of Lyon. For information contact Dr. Daphne McConnell


A summer program at the University of Valladolid in Spain. For information contact Dr. Francisco Leon-Rivero

A spring semester program (including an internship) at the CLIC language institute in Sevilla, Spain. For information contact Dr. Daphne McConnell

The department also affiliates with International Studies Abroad for students seeking to study languages in countries where we do not offer programs. For information on ISA, please contact Dr. Julie Sellers


Dr. Daphne McConnell, Associate Professor and Chair

Dr. Julie Sellers, Associate Professor

Dr. Edward Mulholland, Associate Professor

Dr. Francisco Leon Rivero, Assistant Professor

Dr. Filiberto Mares Hernandez, Visiting Instructor

Contact Information

For more information, please email Dr. Daphne McConnell or call 913.360.7586.