Strength and Conditioning Major | Benedictine College

Strength and Conditioning Major

The Strength and Conditioning major at Benedictine College prepares the student to pursue graduate studies, provides opportunities to experience both the theory and application of athletic performance exercise standards, provides the opportunities to garner certifications in first aid, CPR, personal training, and strength and conditioning, and guides the student to form philosophies toward wholesome health and fitness attitudes outside of athletics.

2017-18 Course Sequence

Core Curriculum (43)

  • EXSC-1107, Beginning Weight Training (1)
  • EXSC-2209, Personal and Community Health (2) 
  • EXSC-2210, First Aid and Personal Safety (2)
  • EXSC-2240, Structural Anatomy (3) or BIOL-2242/2243, Human Anatomy & Physiology I/Human Anatomy & Physiology II
  • EXSC-2263, Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries (3) 
  • EXSC-3303, Basic Nutrition (3)
  • EXSC-3310, Introduction to Personal Training (3) 
  • EXSC-3320, Essentials of Strength and Conditioning (3)
  • EXSC-3330, Advanced Weight Training and Plyometrics (2) 
  • Two Theory of Coaching Courses (EXSC-3351, EXSC-3352, EXSC-3353, EXSC-3354, EXSC- 3355, EXSC-3369 -two credits each) 
  • EXSC-3350, Psychology and Methods of Coaching (2) 
  • EXSC-3357, Tests and Measurement (3) 
  • EXSC-3366, Exercise Physiology (3) 
  • EXSC-3380, Kinesiology and Biomechanical Analysis (3) 
  • EXSC-4402, Organization and Administration of Physical Education and Sport (2) 
  • A TTR-4407, Pharmacology in Athletic Training (2) 
  • EXSC-4422/4423, Strength and Conditioning Practicums (One credit each) 
  • STRC-SRCOMP, Senior Comprehensive 
  • An internship in Strength and Conditioning is strongly encouraged.